Drawings plants & leaves: grow your unique style through a visual library

This is a plant. I love this plant. It’s pretty isn’t it? Do you have a special plant in your life? Ok! So… Hi! My name is Marie-Noëlle Wurm and I’m an artist & illustrator based in Montpellier in the south of France. Hey everyone! I’ve already done two classes on Skillshare: One of them is about unleashing your creativity in order to learn to draw without fear. And the second one is little secrets tips & tricks to finding your voice as an artist You don’t need to have done any of my previous classes in order to do this one You can do them in whatever order that you want. They all do build into each other though. For this third class, what I’m looking to bring you is a little bit more of a mix of a technical class linked with creativity notions that I spoke about in my previous classes but that I’m also going to be developing in this class. What we’re going to be working on is the importance of building a visual library. A visual library from which you can pull from so that when you’re in front of your page you have already a little encyclopedia, a little book of things that you can choose from. So what I’m going to be doing is bringing you through the process of building a visual library, which initially will seem very schematic, very simplified versions of different ways of drawing leaves. And so first we’re going to just be working on flexing our memory muscle — our visual memory muscle, our hand memory muscle — in order to integrate those different possibilities within our visual language. And then we’re going to be using this visual library as a starting point to developing your own artistic voice. How can you make your own unique drawing with the help of this visual library that you’ve built? We’re going to be talking more specifically about plants and even more specifically about leaves and the reason it’s so specific is because you would be amazed at the amount of possibilities that you can pull from and how those can really enrich your drawings and make them much more visually interesting — especially if you’re somebody who likes to integrate the natural world in your drawings, which personally I love. So if you like to integrate the natural world and plants and leaves and flowers into your artwork, then this class is going to be hopefully very valuable I’m really excited about this class and I hope that you’ll join in so that we can create our own little jungly-forest all together. Thank you so much for being a part of this! K, let’s get to it! You ready?