Dr Geir Henning Presterudstuen: Anthropology

My name is Geir Henning Presterudstuen and
I’m a lecturer in Social Anthropology at Western Sydney University.
The best explanation ever when someone says, what makes an
Anthropologist was when one Senior Anthropologist once told me that, you are
am Anthropologist when you start thinking like one. While my road into Anthropology went through
all sorts of twists and turns, journalism and political science and
things. I realised early into my Educational trajectory at least that I was
starting to think like an Anthropologist. When I was studying an undergraduate
degree I went visit Fiji just for a holiday. While I was there holidaying I
realised very early on I was I was thinking like an Anthropologist. I was very
interested in what people are doing outside tourist resorts and spoke with
people locals and trying to understand what’s going
on there and beyond a little bit a little bit beyond the tourist imagination and that
led to me eventually developing a project which led me to go to Fiji and
do fourteen months of fieldwork like a few years late. Now that I’m here I’m ready to start
teaching this Anthropology program at Western Sydney. I’m very excited about
that and realise it’s a privilege to teach other people something about a
profession and academic field or perhaps even a way of thinking that I’m
so passionate about myself.