Dota Anthropology – The Oglodi & The Red Mist

Who are the Oglodi, and what is the red mist horde? How did the oglodis go from being a
civilized people concerned with art and philosophy, to berserking barbarians lead by a psycho
warmonger? BIOLOGY
The oglodis are generally big and muscular with red skin, pointy ears and orc-like features
on their faces. Though, my scale is a little bit misleading, because despite their strength,
not all of them are morons like axe. In fact, some of them are highly intelligent, probably
near the same level as humans. The smarter ones, like warlock and sorla khan, are able
to learn magic and write literature, and plan elaborate war plans. But as i will get back
to, they are still a little lacking compared to the smarter kinds like the keen and humans.
Their hair is usually black, and fades to gray as they age. Their orcish features, body
size, and redness of their skin varies a LOT from individual to individual, and one theory
is that their skin pigment fades as they age. Axe who is still in his prime has bright red
skin, while warlock is more brownish. Lifestealer has almost no redness left. Though this is
only a theory, and disruptor kinda messes with it. Also theres some younger individuals
who have more brownish skin, so while i think the age theory is cool, i think oglodis like
humans just has a spectre of skin colours. CULTURE
The oglodi are very likely based on the Mongols and their Khans, maybe particularily genghis
khan. In their fashion, the oglodi army, the red mist horde, is always on the move, ravaging
everything in their path. The leader of the horde gets the title Khan, like for example
mogul khan the axe, and later sorla khan. If Dark Willow is to be believed, then more
often than not, the rule of thumb is the oglodi are violent and bloodthirsty. “You’re the
first Oglodi I met that isn’t a raving murder machine.” This is maybe why they dislike
the keen so much, since they are their stark opposites. Small and highly intelligent. They
have in common, though, that they are both less likely than other kinds to use magic.
Keen favor science, while oglodi favor brute strength. Another peculiar thing they have
in common, is harassing trolls. The keen have been known to shoot at them, and the oglodi
have been hunting them. Lastly, some Oglodi ride a kind of reptile, called stryders. Thats the basics of the oglodi culture, but
they arent just one big people who shares lifestyles and history. There is probably
many, but there seems to be two major oglodi societies – both of which used to be great
civilizations. One is a tribe in upland druud, and the other is the capital, which after
its destruction split into a rebuilding tribe, and the nomadic red mist. Instead of explaining
each society and their history in one go, lets do it chronologically by talking about
each oglodi hero. HISTORY
Ok, lets start with the ones who we dont know what tribe they belong to. We dont know where Lifestealer is from, likely
because he has lost his mind. He doesnt even know who he is himself, so it only makes sense
that we dont know, either. What we do know though, is that he was a thief imprisoned
in the dungeons of the kingdom of devarque, where his punishment was rotting in a cell
for the rest of his life. But to make it even worse, they had cursed him with immortality,
so that the life-sentence would go on for eternity. He had gone completely mad and lost
himself, and his body was unrecognizable. He was so far gone that he didnt even think
of escaping anymore. But his cellmate, a wizard, thought otherwise. He wanted to use Lifestealer
as a vessel to break out of the dungeon, by infesting him and controlling him into sacrificing
himself in a frenzy. But when the wizard entered the Oglodi, he was overwhelmed by pure insanity,
and instead ended up shattering his will. Now, their fusion gave birth to the lifestealer
– a new unnamed creature of horrifying power. With the oglodi brute strength, wizards cunning,
and a newfound power of infestation, he escaped and was set loose on the world. So remember how i said that some oglodis favor
intelligence over strength, but even they are just like slightly slow humans? Well,
warlock is a good example of this. He dedicated his life to collecting ancient forgotten texts
of knowledge, which resulted in him learning to use magic to fight off anyone protecting
the treasures he was hunting. It turns out he had a talent for magic, because he learned
FAST. He became the most powerful warlock back at the ultimyr academy where he worked
as chief curator and head of aquisitions for their arcane archives, and learned to summon
a demon to assist him in his quests for ancient books. Just a quick fun fact: this ultimyr
academy, is the same that kid invoker attended, and is basically hogwarts. Kind of. Its part
of the ultimyr university, which also hosts the arcane archive, a library also known as
the ultimyr archives. There you find warlocks collection, a bunch of old untranslatable
spells, books about dragon anatomy and other magical beasts like the hellwether ram, and
even a text about the zealot scarabs, the telepathic arthropods that Nyx assassin is
a member of. The ultimyr university is not only for scholars of wizardy, its also for
blacksmiths. But anyways, back to our boy warlock. He has tried to write a grimoire,
where he has collected a bunch of spellbooks. But according to storm spirit, puck and grimstroke,
he is not very good at writing. This is where i think, his oglodi blood is whats at fault.
He also speaks ozkavosh, the demon tongue, though mars comments this: “Your Ozkavosh
isn’t even passable!” which to me, further proves that oglodi, no matter how talented,
will always be a little behind cognitively. I might be wrong though, let me know what
YOU think. Disruptor is from Upland Druud, which i mentioned
earlier, as one of the ancient oglodi civilizations. Though dont confuse the Oglodi inhabited upland
druud with the regular druud. Just Druud, refers to where the centaurs are from, and
where their omexe arena is located. UPLAND Druud is where ya boi disruptor lives, and
where the stryders, a common oglodi mount, are from. Upland Druud is plagued by violent
invasion from both the weather, and kingdoms to the south. For centuries, they have struggled
to fight off the intruders and storms, and what remains is a fallen tribe. The ancient
knowledge of how to control the storms has been forgotten, but the poeple still worship
the weather. That was, until disruptor went to explore the ancient ruins, and learned
how to harness the power of thunder. Disruptor is a good boy, and uses this power to protect
his people. He is small for an oglodi, which is maybe why he has more empathy and disdain
for mindless violence. Dark willow and pangolier really respect him when comparing him to the
terrifying sorla khan, as you can hear in these voicelines: “I apologize for lumping
you in with the Red Mist Horde… you’re nothing like Sorla Khan.” “Tell me you’re not
still upset, Disruptor. I truly meant no disrespect.” “You’re much more reasonable than Sorla.”
“You’re the first Oglodi I met that isn’t a raving murder machine.” Axe is, at least to me, the poster boy of
dota 2, and the first thing that comes to mind when i think oglodi. He is a moron, but
an INCREDIBLY strong one. The only thing he cares about is being the best, so he seeks
out danger wherever he can find it to try and get a challenge for once. He does this
with his bard, goodkind, who records his adventures and writes best selling novels about them.
The combo of Axe who has the mind of a child, and Goodkind who is very affluent, creates
some funny interactions such as: “Axe is a man of many talents. Well one talent. The
murder talent. However that seems to be enough for Axe to attract a legion of devoted fans
that follow his adventures. It also probably helps that Axe’s bard, Goodkind is good at
what she calls ’embellishment’ – Axe is unsure what the word means, but it’s probably a good
thing.” She also attests to how powerful he is; “ I’ve seen a lot of people try to
kill Axe over the years. 3 of them even got close.”. But Axes and goodkinds adventures
didnt start until after axes involvement with the red mist. Already as a fresh young grunt
in the army, he aspired to become the red mist general, the khan. And while axe actually
hates to kill oglodi, as he says here “Axe hates to kill Oglodi, but it must be done.”
he had to to rise in the ranks in the red mist. He slowly killed his superiors one by
one. This, combined with the seven year campaign of the thousand farms, resulted in that by
the end of the battle when the red mist was victorious, axe was the only member left.
He had become literally, an army of one, and the general – the KHAN of the red mist horde.
But what was this seven year campaign against the thousand tarns business? To explain the
history of the second ancient oglodi civilization, we must combine the lore of axe and his forged
in demons blood set, and the new oglodi lore in artifact. Lets listen to the red mist maul.
“Long ago, the Oglodi capital was a shining beacon of art and philosophy… and then they
met the Tarnsmen. A barbarous group of demon worshipers, the Tarns lay siege to the Oglodi’s
great city, sating their bloodlust on any they could find. It was a massacre. The battle
ended, only because the Tarns grew bored… and left a great civilization in ashes. Ever
a resilient people, the Oglodi rebuilt and started again… referring to the razing of
their capital as ‘The Bleak Day’. But for some rebuilding was not enough. They believed
that forsaking the martial in favor of the esoteric is what led to their down fall…
and so they left and formed the first Red Mist Horde.” So this ancient oglodi society
was a peaceful one, where they were more interested in art and philosophy, rather than war and
ravaging. But then they were attacked by the tarnsmen on what they call thye bleak day,
and the capital was destroyed. This split it in half – some stayed to rebuild the capital,
and to continue with their peaceful lifestyles, while the others formed the first red mist
army, and marched towards the thousand tarns for revenge. Among them, was the young Mogul,
who would later be known as Mogul Khan the Axe. The original red mist horde, as we know
through axes dota lore, then was slain by the tarnsmen and axe himself through the seven
year campaign. But in the end, the oglodi side was victorious, and the peaceful capital
could rebuild safely. Or could they… Meanwhile, the stonehall empire and the bronze legion
had been growing in power. Sorla Khan realized that eventually, legion commander and her
hungry emperor galanius would come to conquer the oglodi tribe as well. And so, a new Khan
rebuilt the red mist, and suggested what no one else dared – instead of waiting to be
targeted eventually, she wanted them to go and bring the battle to stonehall. In dota, we know that sorla khan is is a terrifying,
cunning, powerful GODDESS — i mean oglodi — feared by basically everyone. She is pist
at Axe, likely for slaying the red mist in the past. There is a theory about a love affair
in the past too, but i will save that for my upcoming axe video. He is next up in the
hero lore series. But i digress. Sorla leads the red mist towards stonehall, and everyone
is shitting their pants. Because she is not only incredibly strong, she is also a cunning
strategist. She is planning on pretending to siege stonehall through tarrin, so that
the bronze legion will send all their troups there. And then teleport behind them through
roseleaf, which will lead them directly into an undefended stonehall. And that would have
worked, if it wasnt for legion commander figuring out sorlas plan, and answering by occupying
roseleaf, to clash in battle there instead. But unfortunately for legion commander, the
vhouls, who are the dog-like people living in roseleaf, didnt like being occupied, and
rebelled. Legion commander now faced both a rebellion within roseleaf, AND the red mist
horde from the outside sieging their way in. The outcome is unknown, but as i have explained
in the past, i am pretty sure legion commander is able to defeat the vhoul rebellion, but
then in the end loses to sorla. The artworks says legion commander has the upper hand,
but voice lines say sorla does… So i dont know. But my theory is that the story will
progress in artifact 2.0, with the red mist sieging stonehall directly.
So before we end, here is all the oglodi units in artifact. Thats it for this video gamers, i hope you
have a wonderful day. BIG shout out to John Smith, Enceladeans, Tyler McVicker, Sergey
Yurchenko, Cavalcade and the two anonymous patrons who are sponsoring my videos through
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Until next time, PEACEE