Dota Anthropology – More Heroes Are Trolls Than You Think

Dota Anthropology – More Heroes Are Trolls
Than You Think whats popping gamers? There are WAY more trolls in the dotaverse
than i thought, until actually digging them all up. And they might actually be spread
out even more widely across the glode than the keen folk. But, that depends on your definition
of trolls, and what you accept as within the term. So lets identify what makes a troll,
and then go through their biology, culture and history. Compared to humans, trolls have long limbs,
with a varying amount of fingers. Anything from five, to four, and even three – but four
seems to be the most common. Their noses are often big and round, pointing downwards or
very flat, and their ears are without exceptions pointy. The ear shape is pretty much the only
thing they all have in common, because their skin tones are like most other kinds, very
diverse. Specimens we know of consists of blue, green, yellow, red, pink and purple
skin. They often have tusks, or elongated lower canine teeth. They seem to posess a
relatively high intelligence, and live in tribes. Some of them are religious, some use
magic, and some live under a matriarch. I have placed them between humans and Oglodi
on my grid. Trolls seem to not be very well liked by other kinds. The keenfolk of knollen
have shot at them, and some oglodi have been hunting them. And that may have to do with
the fact that they still live pretty primitively, despite their high intelligence. They dont
have any huge, advanced civilizations like the keen, humans and oglodi, and from troll
tribe to troll tribe they dont seem to even respect eachother. In the dotaverse, trolls and humans actually
have a lot in common, and one of those things is that they are both incredibly far spread
out geographically. You have the subterranean trolls of the hoven, the yellow hill trolls
of the bleeding hills, an unknown kind in the mountainous knollen, a tribe in the Yama
Raskav jungle, a strange kind from the island highlands of Prefectura, a religious tribe
lead by the dezun order, and lastly, MAYBE the ashkavorians were trolls. But the best
way to talk about each different tribe, is by talking about each hero i have put in the
troll category respectively. First of, there is the bleeding hills. They
are called the bleeding hills, because black tar flows down from them into the forest beneath
the highland. In these hills, the hill trolls are found. Their colours vary from yellow
to green. One hill troll tribe is called the dark trolls, and their leader the dark troll
cheiftan of summoner. J’muy the wise from artifact is one such. The dark trolls practice
necromancy, as you can see happening in the troll neutral camp in dota 2. But while they
sometimes raise the dead, as we see from the troll soothsayer, they dont like it when others
dabble with dark magic. The hill troll magic is very strong, and they especially value
their ancestors and prophecy. But they are also capable fighters. One hill troll you
may not expect, is shadow shaman. He was born in the bleeding hills half hill troll, and
was later picked up by a traveling con-man. He worked as his exotic assistant, and together
they scammed people with fortune telling and curses. But soon they discovered that shadow
shaman was actually capable of such things, without having to trick anyone. They traveled
from town to town, earning a reputation and making a lot of money. But… eventually,
a mob of angry customers from back when they were cheating attacked them, and slew shadow
shamans master. In a fit of rage, shadow shaman for the first time used his powers for violence,
and killed the mob. And now, he travels around, using his powers against his enemies. So i told you that the bleeding hills have
black tar running down them into the forest beneath them. This forest is called the hoven,
and the hoven hosts a different type of troll, a subterrenean matriarchal kind. They ironically
look down on the hill trolls above, and think they are inferior. This underground tribe
of trolls are very sensitive and hot headed, and love conflict. They have a matriarch as
their leader, but this by no means female supremacy. The males grow up getting fed and
pandered until way past maturity, contributing nothing. And then eventually, they are pushed
out to the surface, to form gangs with others of their kind and roam the land above. Like
i said, this tribe is a very loud, angry and abrasive one. But one member, who we know
as troll warlord, was so insufferable that even trolls didnt want to be around him. Kind
of like how some russians search western european servers, because even they dont wanna play
with russians. (sorry, you know i love you russians) Troll warlords gang got pushed to
the brink when he demanded too big a portion of their loot, and they turned on him and
beat him. But he didnt respect his banishment, so the next day he returned. He returned to
kill them all, and swore to from this day onwards, fight alone as an army of one. Numerous tribes reside in the yama raskav
jungle, and batrider is from one of them. One day when he was a boy, a huge morde-bat
caught him and brought him up to the sky, intending to eat him. But batrider wriggled
his way free, and mid-air cut the bat down. This event would change him forever, as he
now returned every summer to the same spot, hoping to get to fly again. He went into the
jungle over and over, until he finally found the cave hosting the bats. With a rope and
a bottle of liquid courage, he plunged inside, and the rest is history. The witch doctor is from the island highlands
of prefectura. He is a mysterious figure, and physically twisted asymmetrically. Not
much else is known about his motivations, aspirations and backstory, other than that
he has traveled far. Dazzle and Huskar are from the same place,
where the Dezun order is in charge and they worship the gods of the nothl realm. The nothl
realm is where their people believe the dead go, both their own people and worthy foes.
Sacrifices are regularily performed to the nothl realm, since they think life comes from
the dimension. Killing your enemies is regarded as a sacrifice. Huskar wanted to sacrifice
himself by throwing himself in, but instead dazzle, a dezun priest, pulled him out. This
made huskar forever changed, into a sacred dezun warrior, no longer at mortalitys mercy.
Dazzle, a dezun order acolyte, was the youngest to ever request the ritual to enter the nothl
realm. And he came back as a shadow priest none of his tribe had ever seen before, with
power to both heal and destroy. The title shadow priest is a bit misleading, because
in the nothl realm everything is inverted. Thus darkness is light, and vice versa. So
him being a shadow priest is like being a priest of light, or dazzle, if you will. It
is argued wether or not Dazzle and Huskar are trolls, especially with huskars new model,
and considering that they have both visited the nothlm realm which we know you cant return
from unchanged. But i think considering the way they look, move, talk and their culture
and responses, its fairly certain that they are another troll tribe from far away, maybe
connected to witch doctor, venomancer and/or bloodseeker. Grimstroke however, im pretty sure is NOT
a troll. When you first look at him he has 4 fingers, tusks, similar physique and colours
as huskar and troll warlord, and is obviously very heavily inspired by the japanese trolls,
called Oni. But this is more likely just because when he was going to ascend, which ended up
sacrificing his people because of his greed, he turned into something demonic. And the
first thing that comes to mind when thinking about demons in japan to me at least, is Onis.
So his troll appearance is likely something he got after the ritual, and before he looked
much different – probably human with elf ears. If you look at his trailer video, his people
look like theyre humans. But, because we know that trolls already come from all over the
place, im still going to include him here, just because theres a possability the ashkavorians
were trolls. Let me know what you think. Lastly, i played with the thought that clinkz
is a troll, since he is from the hoven where troll warlord is from, and hes a skeleton
so we cant easily tell what he is. But considering his horns, i think its instead fair to say
hes a smeevil. Or something else with horns like that. Doesnt matter – the point is, he
is certainly not a troll. Trolls in the dotaverse are probably heavily
based on the trollkind of the warcraft universe. But in real life, their origin is actually
quite different. You have the japanese demons called Oni, which to me seem kind of like
a mix between ogre and troll. In norse mythology and scandanavian folklore, the stereotypical
troll looks more like this. As a Norwegian, i grew up reading fairytales about trolls.
They are often the antagonist which ends up getting outwitted by the human protagonist.
They are generally dumb and ugly, hungry for human flesh, and if exposed to sunlight they
turn to stone. Many norwegian landmarks, and probably scandanavian in general, are said
to be formed when a troll once turned to stone. One such you may have heard of, is the troll
tongue. If you wanna experience some real authentic trolls, i recommend watching the
movie the troll hunter. its a critically acclaimed blair witch esque found footage mockumentary
about the trolls of norway. If youre into theatre, i recommend the play peer gynt by
ibsen. It features a human man on his adventures, where he among other things almost ends up
marrying a troll woman. Its also where all the music in this video is from, composed
by edvart grieg. So thats it for this video! I absolutely LOVE
trolls, because they were such a big part of my childhood and love of fairy
tales. Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you have a magical day! PEACEE