Do you know? There are too many illusions in the current world map.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, looks much bigger than the United States But the reality is that it’s a big surprise In fact it’s much less stiff Only a quarter of Brazil’s Why is there such a phenomenon Because the current world map is drawn using a method called the mercator projection For the sake of understanding So let’s simulate the earth in 60,000 horizontal stretch In longitudinal stretch This is the map of the world from the great voyages to the present In fact There are countless ways to map the world We chose the mercator projection because it shows exactly the shape and the angle This provides a simple and reliable navigation route in the age of sailing In the modern age, it’s also a little helper But the downside is obvious Further away from the equator The land looks bigger Erea Libya Sudan The Democratic Republic of Congo four small African countries near the equator It’s actually pretty much the same as the whole of Western Europe You can add a couple of them Osse Australia is a very big one and a lot bigger than the UK And then finally we look at the actual size of the four countries that are the largest Next time you see a map of the world Remember to hand in your friends