DNA For Law Enforcement : 01 : Laboratory Resources

[ Music ]>>Just from the situation
of backlogs, they knew if they
put a rush request in that they would
get it worked quicker. And basically everything
the analysts were working on became a rush; all requests
were being marked as “rush.” I think that’s an abuse
of the system; I think that actually
slowed the system down. For instance if we
had went about it on a more methodical manner and had only processed the true
rushes to interrupt the system.>>One thing that’s
occurred fairly recently that has contributed to
the backlog situation is that the public is
now more aware of what the crime laboratories
can do whether it’s DNA or other sections. Sometimes that’s from
the fictional TV shows; you know CSI, NCIS, or
the documentary type like Forensic Files and
those kinds of things. But that awareness has
led to more requests for analysis, especially in DNA. We hear that a lot from the
law enforcement agencies and other people
saying, “I want that DNA; I want it like it’s
on the TV show.” It’s not like it’s
on the TV show, but just all those…the
influx of cases has led to quite an increase in
the backlog nationwide.>>What the analyst is
working on that day, often time those rushes
interrupt what the normal workflow is. The constant interruptions
cause time delays to the whole work process. I think it’s important
for all administrators to use their resources
to the maximum to try to gain the most
efficiency and effectiveness out of the resources that
they have to work with. As far as personnel, a key
asset or a key factor would be to have those people
as trained as possible; up to date with technology so
that they can use their skills to perform their jobs to
the best of their abilities.