Desert Botanical Garden & Phoenix Zoo (Things to do in Phoenix): Look Who’s Traveling

Boo! This is our six part series of Phoenix with Kids. Day number two. We’re at the Desert Botanical Garden. Founded in 1939, this 140 acres garden features more than 50,000 plants. We’re going on the Desert Wildflower Loop. Baby is going to see what a pistol and stamen looks like. I didn’t know a desert could look so green. Baby, Alien, and I are looking at the map to see where to go next. Now we’re at the herb garden. I am smelling some rosemary. This is a cool sundial. Baby is playing with a cactus, and… Oh no! He’s got a splinter! Lastly we’re visiting the gift shop. We had so much fun at the Desert Botanical Garden. We’re at the Phoenix Zoo. Opened in 1962, the zoo has over 1,400 animals on display. I am looking in this telescope to see what I can find. I see some oryxes, and I’m riding on one. Hello, lion. These birds are very pretty because of their red wings. Watch out for the rhino. This is the monkey exhibit. Why do these guys have red butts? This one is digging for food he hid. Now we’re going on a camel ride. All aboard the Camel Express! This feels like riding a horse. Now we’re looking at animals of the rain forest. I’m talking to a parrot. What’s your name? [Parrot] Awk! Lastly we’re at Monkey Village. This unique exhibit is home to a troupe of common squirrel monkeys. Here aren’t any barriers between us and the monkeys. Baby, don’t be scared. They’re not going to eat you. We’re so close the the animals! I wish I could pet them! We had so much fun at Phoenix Zoo. We’re at the Pueblo Grande Museum. Located at a 1,500 year old site, left behind by the Hohokam culture, this national historic landmark is the largest preserved archaeological site within Phoenix. There are many hands on exhibits here. Now we’re going to the children’s section. Baby and I are building a city. Now I’m going to design a pot. And I’m learning about archaeology. Now we’re going outside. This 2/3 mile trail, takes you through a prehistoric Hohokam archaeological village site. We’re going inside a replica house. Next is the pithouse. [Baby] This is my home. We’re looking at the ball court. We had so much fun at the Pueblo Grande Museum. We’re back at the Desert Botanical Garden for
Las Noches de las Luminarias. This is an annual holiday event that features the soft glow from more than 8,000 hand lit luminaria bags. We’re having dinner at the garden in the Dorrance Hall Buffet. We’re going to continue walking at the Lumi. There are thousands of white twinkle lights and vibrant works of art. Lastly we’re listening to some hand bells. We had so much fun at Las Noches de las Luminarias. Stayed tuned for part three. Please hit the subscribe button for more videos. Also like and share this video with your friends.