Hey guys welcome to the new video. Super
cool, Logan is here and we’re going to check out the dentist tank. You’ve
probably seen the dentist tank on my Instagram channel. George did a review
on this. And now I finally happened to make a review on my own with Logan his help.
So let’s get in my car and drive there. Yes, the history of this tank: I was hired
to rescape this tank. It’s been running for a couple years. So someone before my
era has set it up. And the dentist he wasn’t quite happy with it. He found out
about me and then he hired me to rescape it. And then I took over. And yeah some
of you might know from you know older Instagram, Facebook posts. It used
to be like a hair grass loan with some Eleocharis Vivipara in the middle and
some round size pebbles. It’s been a year and a half ago already,
near year and a half, that we rescaped it. Looks like a chain of mountains.
It looks more like Avatar. And my primary inspiration for this tank was a tank that
Mr. Takashi Amano did in the Ada Nature Aquarium Gallery. Went very tall with it. It’s
quite a challenge to empty the tank in the first place because it’s so tall.
It’s just like 30 40 centimeters like narrow and then it goes 70
centimeters tall. It’s build into the wall. And there is like I don’t know like
braces and dividers and everything. Super difficult to get inside and empty the
tank. And yeah I’ve used the opportunity to replace the lighting. So we now have
Twinstar 900sp two of them over the tank. So we upgrade it from like first
generation LEDs which were those super simple chips. Now to full spectrum RGB LED lighting which is really cool. The colors pop, the fish are more
colorful, the plants show up much nicer growth. And much different RGB kinda type
of colors. Yeah so the tank runs on reverse osmosis water. Most of my tanks
are run but just not my own also my customer tanks. I use reverse osmosis
water and the reason for this is: Sometimes you’re lucky, you have great
quality tap water but sometimes your tap water quality is changing. Sometimes when
it’s super hot outside they add some antibiotics or chloramine or
whatever to the water. Or do some construction work and the water gets
polluted. You never know! So this tank is running with reverse osmosis water. Like
most of my tanks. That gives me the ultimate control and easy maintenance
because all of my tanks have the same water parameters. My own tanks, my
customer tanks because they’re all running reverse osmosis. I use the same
salt. I set them up all the same way. It’s just super easy for me. Yeah
other than that we have a huge Eheim external filter with a built-in heater.
And with an inline co2 diffuser to keep as much hardware out of the tank as
possible. So the maintenance routine for this tank looks like this: Because the
tank is located in a dentist clinic. I can’t go there just any time I want. I
have to go there in the lunch break. So it’s limited to one hour every week. Most
of the time I need less than one hour. It’s just like half an hour. When I get
there, I get the ladder. I open up the lids of the tank, I remove the glass
cover. I start draining the water. It’s super comfortable because there is a
sink right underneath the tank. It’s actually built in into the cabinet. So
that’s super handy. And the tech regular, sponge and start cleaning the glass. And
for the most time that´s it. I start just to refill. Whenever I need to trim
things and it takes of course longer and it kind of balances out those short days
quickly. So when the glass is clean and the water is drained I start the refill.
This tank like I told you before has a build in RO unit right in the cabinet
underneath. And it’s everything is wired up, everything is already attached to the tank.
And I just basically have to just turn on the RO unit and add back in the
minerals. And then the tank is refilled. And the proportions of the water are
restored as soon as the tank is refilled. And so I don’t have to stay there all
the time. All the entire time of the refill which takes three hour and 45
minutes. I know in fact because I once spend the time. So I checked the time, I know
every time when the water drains with this pipe. And it just stops always to
the same level because it starts sucking air. As always the same level so it
always takes three hour 45 minutes to refill. Kinda like this because the
pressure in the tap water is sometimes changing which can affect the RO
efficiency. The temperature of the tap water will affect the efficiency of
the RO unit. So to be sure that just in case when there is no water running
through the system within 3:45. Or when the timer that is set up to interrupt
the electricity after 3:45. If something goes wrong with this unit I
have just for safety reasons a water stop build-in. That will like you know
emergency case you can call it interrupt the electricity and stop the RO unit
when the water reaches the top of the tank. And by this system it allows me to
initiate the refill process, just toss in the minerals, close to lids, wipe the
glass from the outside and just leave the clinic. And like magically 3:45 later the tank is refilled and everything is fine. So guys that’s it for this
behind-the-scenes maintenance session on the dentist aquarium. If you like what
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cinematic version of this aquarium. You know just to show you really polished
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