Dell’s new foldable PCs are all screens

(upbeat instrumental) – Dell’s entering the foldable and dual screen laptop game with some wild new next
generation concepts at CES 2020, which imagine a future where your laptop is made entirely out of screens. Dell has two concepts on display here, each with a different spin
on the dual screen device. There’s the Concept Ori, like origami, a laptop with a 13 inch foldable screen that can fold down to the
size of a hard cover book. And there’s the Concept Duet, which replaces the keyboard
on a normal size laptop with a second full size touch screen pad. Now, of the two, the Concept
Duet is the simpler pitch, it’s effectively an XPS 13, but the keyboard has been swapped out for a second 13.4 inch full
HD display touchscreen. The two screens can either be used side by side for multitasking, or as a single massive display that content stretches across both panels. For example, you can read an Ebook with each panel displaying
a single full page. It’s also a similar idea to
the dual screen Surface Duo that Microsoft announced last year. There’s also a keyboard accessory that can be placed down on
top of one of the touchscreens with the rest of the
screen acting as a trackpad for when you wanna do more
traditional laptop work. Alternatively, the two
screens can flip around to form a single screen tablet device something that Dell highlights as an advantage of the
two separate displays, as opposed to a single folding one. The end result is something
that’s a little heavier than a regular laptop, which makes sense given the extra screen, but that’s to be expected. The foldable Project Ori is
the more mysterious of the two. Dell wouldn’t offer many
details on any of the specs, except to say that the screen
is approximately 13 inches, and that it had QHD Plus resolution. The display looks good though, although as with pretty much
any folding panel right now, the plastic screen just isn’t
as nice as a glassed one. It’s also not the only foldable
Windows laptop in the works. Lenovo also showed off a similar looking prototype last year too. Both dual screen concepts
take the same idea and bring it in different directions. Ori takes a regular laptop screen and makes the hardware itself smaller. And Duet take that same regular laptop, and makes the screen everything. The two concepts are just
that for now, concepts. But, like Alienware’s Concept UFO, which it’s also showing off at CES, they’re pretty polished hardware, and it’s really easy to imagine that these could be real products one day. Additionally, Microsoft is also pushing dual and foldable screen
laptops in a big way, with its upcoming Windows 10X software. Now, Dell hasn’t said that these concepts will actually run 10X, but it does mean that there is big backing from the maker of Windows itself, and that there’s a
custom version of its OS specifically for hardware like this, which could be the difference between these concepts being a cool idea, and the future of computers. Now, Dell obviously isn’t
saying when to expect either Concept Ori or
Concept Duet to hit stores, or even if they’re ever
gonna be sold at all, but they’re a fascinating look at the possible future of computers. One that’s filled with more
screen space than ever before. If you wanna see more
concept videos like this, we have a great video
that we just made about Alienware’s Concept UFO, and for more great videos
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