Dating a Sociopath | Hannah Stocking

(siren blaring) – We good? – I don’t know. I think so. – Oh, good! You’re here! – Hi. – Have a seat. Come in. – Yeah. – Okay. – Hi. -Hi. Welcome to couples therapy. – Couples what? – Are you guys experiencing any problems in you relationship? No, no problems here. We should– We should be– – Wait, problems. – We should go. – We do. We do have problems. – This is so amazing. – You know what? This is exactly what we needed. – All right. We got problems. All right, you want to talk? Let’s talk then. – You will never guess what he did to me about a month ago. – Hey, babe. You wanna impress me? – Uh-huh. – Steal that car. – Okay. – Oh, you’re so hot doing that. (glass breaking) – Wrong car. You’re under arrest. Undercover cop. – Oh. I mean, come on, that was an accident. It was– how am I supposed to know it was an undercover cop? That’s what they call it undercover. – He knew. – It sounds like there are some sociopathic traits in your relationship. One of the red flags of a sociopath is mirroring and mimicking other people’s behaviors in order to manipulate them. – (Australian accent) How are you getting on, Miss Hannah? Can I interest you in some tea or coffee? – (Australian accent) No on the coffee. I’ll take the tea. (slurping) – What was that? – I could have sworn you were mimicking her. Just like a sociopath would. – No, no, no, I’m just– I’m just half Australian. – Still trying to figure out which one of you is the sociopath. – He is a sociopath. He is, yes. He is. – I’m not a sociopath. You are. – You want to know what he did to me two weeks ago? – Oh. Oh, wait. I forgot my jacket in there. Could you grab it for me? – Oh yeah, of course. (alarm beeping) – I have to say, another red flag of sociopathic behavior is the intense stare. You see, they tend to look at others with an intense stare like Predator would. (ominous music) – Sorry, I, um– I just zoned out for a bit. What were you saying? – I could have sworn you were staring at me the way a sociopath would. Oh, well, in that case, let’s move on. Another common trait of a sociopath is using deflections and jokes to avoid serious conversations. Do you have any of those? – Deflections, huh? He deflects any serious conversation I’ve ever put them in. – What do you mean? I’ve never done that in my life. But if we could talk about something else, that’d be great. – Hey, why won’t you let me see Santa? – Just don’t do it. I just don’t want you to sit on top of his, like, you know. – Okay, I don’t care. But I want to see Santa. It’s Christmas time. Why are you mad at me? – Listen, I just– I love you. Just relax. Like, what is the big deal? – Wait, you– you love me? You just said “I love you” for the first time. – Why do you make such a big deal out of it? – It is a big deal. – Yeah? – I love you more. – All right, um– – Wait, where are you going? Where are you going? (crash, cat yowls) – Hey, get back here! – There you have it. – (chuckles) Wow! Woo hoo! Great performance, like ten out of ten. I mean, I’m not the sociopath here. Clearly it’s you. Look at all these acting jobs you’re doing out here. – Okay. Okay, let’s settle down. – Great, like, killed it, right? – Please have a seat. – Amazing, yeah, I’ll sit down. Take it easy. Take it easy. – So from my understanding and research, you both were never sociopaths to begin with. You see, it seems to me as though you are just mean to each other, but you have so much potential. So I would recommend working on your communication and seeing me on Monday. Okay. – We do need to work on our communication. – Take care. – Thank you. We’ll see you on Monday. – Bye-bye. – Bye now. (dramatic action music) (exchanging greetings) – Come on! We’re late. – Have fun. – Ready, babe? – Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry. We’re your 1 o’clock. We’re late. – That’s because you were doing your makeup. – No, I wasn’t. – Can we still have our appointment? – But I just had my one o’clock. – Hey, have you seen these people, criminals? – Yeah, they just ran in there. They just went inside! They’re crazy! Go get ’em! Go in that home. Okay, run. – Let’s go. – You’re under arrest!