Cybersecurity Virtualization and Forensics

[dramatic music] – I am very interested
in all things that has to do with law. Cyberterrorism, there’s a lot
of criminal activities going on online. So I was interested to see
how we can solve this problem. – Is the investigation
of a computer that may be used in an illegal
or unethical activity. – The computer forensic, it just, like,
changes every day. They have new tools. They have new ways
of finding information. – They do teach us the importance of protocol
in the industry. There’s a methodology
that’s required so that if you do need
to prosecute someone, you have to have your facts
in order. – It’s a nice program.
It’s just mind-opening. – I see myself as the liaison
with the attorneys and the client. And I’d like
to go into the fraud area in the banking industry and help them
solve these crimes. – The only thing you really need
is a good background. And we’ve got a good background
here at Century College.