Cybersecurity Program at MC

(Music) I enrolled at MC because of all the schools in the area, MC provided me with the best opportunity to secure a future for myself. I had a lot of IT experience before joining the program, but the program really helped me fill in mind all the different essentials to really build me up. One thing that I think separates Montgomery College from others are the faculty, their involvement and their commitment to the students. I like that almost all of the faculty here that are teaching in the cybersecurity program are working in the field so they bring what they experience in the field to class. (Music) The Cybersecurity Lab here at Montgomery College is a completely virtualized environment, very flexible. We host competitions, presentation demonstrations. This is a great applied learning space. The Cybersecurity Lab provides students with the hands-on experience that employers look for makes them very competitive in the field. Now that i’m working at Nauticon, I now realize that I wouldn’t have been able to get this job without the help of the cybersecurity program and MC. The experience I’ve gained out of being a part of the cybersecurity program and of course the cybersecurity club itself very much have been influential on the way I approach getting a job. The knowledge I received and doing these extracurricular activities, it really helped me solidify that this was more than just going to school it was really a passion of mine and I think those things and the encouragement and the environment provided by the college really did help me get to where I am today.