CSUSB Department Spotlight – Geological Sciences

♪>>For Geology especially, it’s really
important to get hands-on experience because it’s not just what you learn in
the classroom, the environment the variables that you encounter when you’re out
in the field, it can be completely different.>>Instead of a traditional
eight-week field camp, we do smaller field camps which gives students a
variety of different contact with professors and different settings. I get to see people have their lives changed with these experiences.>>The professor’s
here all have their own discipline that they’re very passionate about and they
share that passion with the students and each professor bring something new to
the table. This experience has been invaluable to my studies. You learn a lot
in classrooms and you can learn a lot in textbooks, but that information only gets
you so far. Being out in the field, it really hammers in all the information
you’ve been taught and it teaches you how to apply it and grow as a geologist
and even as a student. We are Geology students, we’re proud to be Coyotes, and we love CSUSB. ♪