Cross Sections: 11th Thoracic Vertebra Level (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello everyone! It’s Megan from Kenhub here, and welcome to
our tutorial about the cross-section at the level of the eleventh thoracic vertebra. In today’s tutorial, we will be looking at
any structures we can see at this level in the axial plane which is sometimes called
the transverse plane or the cross-sectional plane. This plane passes through the body at a right
angle to the long axis of the body dividing it into superior and inferior parts. The structures we will see today include organs,
bones, muscles and blood vessels. Knowing which structures you can see at this
level in cross-section is especially important when looking at CT and MRI scans. They also come up commonly in exams. Just a reminder that when we look at cross-section
CTs or MRIs, the patient is positioned lying on their back with the viewer positioned at
the patient’s feet looking superiorly towards the patient’s head. Therefore, this side… Hi guys, as you can see, this video is a preview
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