Crochet Study of Planet Earth Afghan – Week 4

Hey welcome back to The Crochet Crowd, as well as my friends over at I’m your host Mikey. Week number four. Now week number four, I was motivated by taking my afghan to my local stitching group. We can’t chat here. The only thing we finish is the dessert tray. So I wanted a stitch that I could just sit there, and just do nothing with, and just not really think about it. So I decided to do a few rounds, of single crochet, in the back loop only. And that’s what gives it that, that tracking. It’s almost like a record player look, as we continue our mystery out, or not our mystery, but our Study Of Planet Earth. And I was really motivated by that. And with the Bernat Pop, it looks really truly amazing once it all starts coming together. So we’re gonna be experiencing that, and then moving on to week number five. It’s not a hard week at all. It’s just a matter of putting in your time. And we’re now over the halfway point of our stitch along, and we’re gonna get it done real soon. So welcome to week four. And we’re gonna get started right away. This is actually a really, really, easy uh week, and there’s gonna be a little bit more work to it, because we’re gonna do a lot of single crochet. Also going to bring back those stitch markers on the corner. I really recommend it for this particular week. This is kind of where we started a few weeks ago. So we’re gonna do seven rounds of the same work. Let’s go to page two. Oh, there’s a diagram. That’s what I love. Let’s zoom in and take a look. So for seven rounds, we’re gonna do the exact same thing, and they’re just showing two rounds of the, of the same thing. So this is one two, and then three four five six seven. So what we have here, is that they’re all single crochet in the back, um loop only, and this will create like a record player kinda look, and it created a layer. So that’s what I was looking for, for this particular afghan. I really recommend to you, that you will use your stitch markers in the corners. With using single crochet like this, it’s easy to miss identify where the corner is. So I wantcha to do that. So that’s something that you can decide for yourself. Of course your, your big people, and uh, you can decide what works for you in your education. So that’s what I would recommend. So what we’re going to do in the corners here, it’ll be single crochet, chain one, single crochet, just in the regular, um chain one space. And these are, this one here is very hard to identify in the future. And, when I was designing this, I actually was struggling with that myself. So I figured if I’m struggling, you’re probably gonna struggle too. So I’m gonna get you started on, the first of seven rounds, and then it’s just the same thing, and then I’m gonna come back later in this tutorial, and we’ll do 31 32 and 33, to finish off for this week. So if you remember, I had stitch markers, they’re still there. I’ve been just kinda working around them. And what I’m recommending to you, is that when you’re ready, just kinda pull up on them, and you can position them as you’re gonna go. So we’ll, I’ll get you started on that. So let’s start our first round, here. And this is, uh one of seven rounds that we’re gonna be doing. And you’re just gonna simply just chain up one. So just chain one, and in the same space, one single crochet. So starting in the very first one here, I’m recommending, and we’re gonna go into the back, uh um loop only. So you just have to identify it. Okay, do you see it? It’s the back loop right here. And then just go to the next one, here. When you do these half double crochets, sometimes that’s really hard to see them, and that’s why I’m having you use stitch markers. So you’re just going in the back loop only. Just nice and simple. You’re gonna do seven rounds of this, and I’ll meet you at the first corner. We’ll turn the corner, but what I wanna do, is that I wanna position those stitch markers in as I turning around, or sorry, as I turn the corner, so that I can find them in the future, because sometimes it really difficult to see. And let’s begin to do that next. Okay, so I’m getting closer to my first corner. One thing I’ve stopped doing in my designs, that I’ve stopped actually using half double crochets so much. I find that I lose count on the, especially when it’s turning corners. So I’ve been trying to ease up on that. So here’s the last stitch. It is the, gonna be the single crochet, and then we have a corner. So it’s a chain one. So you’re gonna just do single crochet, chain one, and one single crochet, and then just go in the back loop of the first, half double crochet, and hold it for a second. So what I wantcha do, here, go into the middle, to the chain one space, and grab that stitch marker. If you got rid of it, just grab it up, and pull it through, and you’ll see it next time. And every time you’re moving up, in this section, just move this stitch marker. So just let it weave in and out, and you will see it each and every time. So you’re just gonna go around, and do the same thing in every corner, and then you’re going to get to the end of the round, and I’ll see you there in just a moment. And we’ll just recap, and then I’ll let you do these seven rows, on your own. Okay, I’m just finishing up the first round, of these single crochets, in the back loop only. And, make sure that you do go into that final gapping space, that you started with. Okay, so there is the last one right here, and then we’re gonna go into the space. So just right into the space, and then join the first one, with the, with the single crochet join. Before you move on, move that stitch marker, so that you can see it again in the future. So for myself, it’s just behind. I’ve moved all my stitch markers as I went. So that’s one round, of seven, that you’ll need to do. So you’ll go again. So just chain up one, and then right where you’ve just marked that, is the space, so it’s just a single crochet. And then starting in the first one. So make sure you identify it. Okay, can you see which one it is? It’s right there. Okay, so you just go in the back loop only, and then continue to do what you already know. So the, so the corners will be one single crochet, chain one, one single crochet, and the remaining all the way around are just, back loop, single crochet. And you’ll see the layers of this, developing as you go, and it may excite yah, at the same time. So when I come back I’ll have that done for you, and then we’ll continue along, and we just have three rounds to do, after that. So, turn on the TV, and enjoy, and I’ll see you back here in just a moment. So in the next round, what we’re going to do, round number 31, it’s just gonna be one double crochet in each of these stitches. In the corners, what we’re going to have, is that it’s gonna be double crochet, chain one, double crochet. You can see that better over here. So what we’re going to do at the end of the round, is that we will join with the single crochet join, on the top of the chain three. So what, um so that’s what we’re gonna do. The next, uh two rounds after that, 32 and 33, they’re in the back loop, uh posts only. You’ve already done that in the last week. So I’m just gonna briefly touch on that, and then I’m going to leave that work for you. Let’s begin round number 31. So by this part in the tutorial a lot of this stuff, you should already know. We’re kinda just repeating what we already know. So we’re gonna chain up three, and that counts as your first double crochet, in the chain one space. You’re going to then, jump to the next stitch that is available to you, and what you gotta watch out for, this first one here, just follow it. Do you see how it’s going into this uh gap? That is this stich right there. So don’t be confused by this, single crochet join. So that is your first double crochet, and you’re gonna just do one double crochet in each of the stitches, going all the way across. So by the time you get across on this first one, there should be 57 stitches, between the corners. So there will be a chain one, and then another side will start. So what I wantcha to do, is verify each time that you’re going on each side, to make sure that 57. If you don’t have 57, say that it’s 58, that means that there’s an extra stitch in the row below. So what I would do with this particular one, is that I would just, uh put two together. So just in through, and then go to the next one, and put two stitches together. That will reduce one stitch, and it’s it’s almost impossible to see. Um, it’s not impossible, but it’s pretty easy way to get away, and get away with it. If you were missing a stitch at any point, so say you had um, you’re supposed to have 57, and you only have 56 by time you get across. Just put two double crochets, somewhere uh, together into the same stitch, and therefore you’ll get your count. So either way, there’s ways to always cheat things, and I find once you get this far in the project, you don’t want to frog anyway. So, I want you to count, and verify that there’s 57 stitches, between each of the corners, on each side, and do an adjustment if you need to, and that’s what I would do. So I’ll meet you, uh at the end of this round. Remember in the corners, there will be one double crochet, chain one, one double crochet. I’ll see at the end of this round. It’s gonna take me a little bit, because I want to verify my counts before moving on, and it’s extremely important. That’s why I’m going on and on about it. So I’m just coming to the very last stitch here. This was 57 of this side and then I’m just going to join it to the top of the first chain three, in order to complete this step. So the next two, uh rounds, are the final rounds for this week. And what we have here, is that we’ve already done this last week, and what you’re doing is you’re creating these two ridges that you see. Okay so you’re gonna do two rounds of that. So to start that, and I’m just gonna quickly talk about it, and then I’ll leave that for you, because I don’t really need to go into too much detail. Is that the core, we’re gonna start off with the chain two, and that counts as your first half double crochet in the corners, and then just back post double crochet. What you all already know. So you’re just gonna apply one back post double crochet in each stitch. If you have verified the counts in the last round, you don’t really have to think about it too much. Um it’s easy to see these stitches as you go. You’re just gonna do that then, all the way around, and then you’re gonna repeat that one more round again, and then you’ll have two ridges that you can see. Just like that. So please complete rounds number 32 33, and then join me back here, next week, for week number five. So that’s it for week number four. So week number four, I hope that you’ve enjoyed that process. You didn’t really have to think it, you know put on your favorite Netflix and all that jazz, and you can enjoy this particular um, section in your particular afghan. So I’m gonna have to get moving, because I’m stitching this in real time with you, as I said right at the very beginning. So until next time, it’s Mikey and behalf of The Crochet crowd, as well as my friends over at We hope to see you again real soon.