Cool Experts: How did you end up to be and anthropologist?

that’s a long story and I don’t even know where to start I think it has to do with childhood dreams of traveling and I grew up in East Germany and as you probably know it was not possible to travel very fast belong to the Eastern Bloc and there were only the possibility to travel to Eastern countries to to Czech Republic 20 Czechoslovakia as it was called them and to to some other to Poland and even traveling to the Soviet Union was very limited there were only official tourist trips available and opinion you could not easily travel and there was a wall built around my hometown billion and we had that wall and that border all the time for our nose and as a child I dreamed to go to that place as i read in a lot of books i love to read books about travel to Africa to Asia to to really far places and and and yeah anthropology with was a way to let become that dream true I think at the end and to convince some people to pay even money for that and that’s that’s where it starts but then of course I studied in a lot of different other things I had to do and yeah then finally I ended up here fulfilling that dream to be able to travel to far places and to learn from from people who live a life very different from for most of us and from from the people around me here