Community of Care: Best Buddies Shravan & Casey | Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s

My name is Shravan and this is my friend
Casey. I have known Casey for about eight years. Me and Casey have a lot of stuffed animals and by that I mean A LOT! I was in the
hospital for about a month and a half and Casey came to visit me and she brought me a little gift. I brought him a blue spotted dog. I picked the blue spotted dog because I have a pink spotted dog, and they’re best friends. Every morning I would wake up and all I would do was think about home and
my friends. Whenever my friends came to visit me it made me really happy and it just helps me a lot. It puts a smile on my face for the rest of
the day. To help my friend, it makes me feel really happy, and really good. Whenever they’re sad I cheer them up by helping them focus on something that doesn’t make them sad. Having Casey with me has made me
stronger and I really appreciate it. I feel like I have superpowers to making
people happy.