Coastal Now – SuperFan Dwight Marazas

Gameday at Coastal Carolina University.
More often than not Dwight Marazas is part of the mix. I
love Coastal sports and everything about Coastal. Some might view Dwight as a
SuperFan, as he brings his enthusiasm to the stands for a wide variety of CCU
sports. Oh, yeah. Let’s go. I see myself as just a fan that has a ton of school spirit and is very
passionate about about Coastal. That passion can create a home field or home
court advantage. Give any type of advantage that my team can get
from me, just yelling in the stands, pumping them up. Everyone notices Dwight.
Does he add a lot to the game? Oh yeah, absolutely, a lot of personality. Coach
Ellis, he has thanked me for coming to multiple games and he really likes what
I do. A junior now, Dwight has developed his look and assembled his outfit over
several seasons. I got these glasses last year, this hat, well hair this year.
Dwight’s presence adds to the Gameday experience for many who attend Coastal
games, while it’s making his college experience that much richer. It just
makes my time here so much more fun. There we go. There we go.