Coastal Now – CHANT411 Carol Call-In

Each December CHANT411 hosts a
Carol Call-In. It’s become a really big thing. CHANT411 Carol Call-In, how may I help you? Already
elevating customer service at Coastal Carolina University to an extreme level,
CHANT411 adds to that by singing holiday songs for anyone who
calls. Carol Call-In is a different level of service than what you’d expect.
Sometimes there are guest carolers, including CCU Chief of Staff Travis
Overton. It is so exciting every single year to be able to be part of and bring
this to people who call in. Sophia Calhoun joined the CHANT411
staff in July and Carol Call-In was a main reason she took the job. I said I may not
know exactly what they’re doing here just yet, I’ll figure that out,
but I know that they seen carols every Christmas and I want to do that for a
living. You don’t find this in many places. I think this is kind of like
quirky, but it makes CHANT411 and then Coastal, as well, very unique. It’s
effective at spreading Coastal’s brand. We get calls from elementary schools. We
get calls from the news stations, people from out of state. People know of us now,
from all over the place. We had a call from the UK yesterday. The enthusiasm
exhibited with each carol is impressive. It’s really fun bringing holiday spirit
to others. Thank you for calling and happy holidays.