City, University of London: Alun Pepper – MSc Organisational Psychology

As a mature student there’s quite a lot of my life before I came back to full-time study. I’ve been in the Air Force for 24 years now. So I did a distance learning first degree about seven years ago in sport science and through that I start getting interested in sports psychology and from that point on I’ve been involved in instructing in the Air Force in both leadership and flying and I’ve took a keen interest in the psychology of learning and performance. I chose city because it’s got a good reputation around mindfulness and that was an area that I really wanted to look into one of the lecturers is quite well known in their mindfulness in act areas. Having done a bit of research on various places it was fairly obvious that this course was what I was after as well as the lecturers. The format in its readings is different academic journals are different the volume, having to get through the volume and then condensed it down into small chunks it’s the critical thinking element so you have to read something and then evaluate whether that’s a good piece of writing or not is it valuable research is it not. So far in the course we’ve had some modules on mindfulness, well-being, selection and training in the second module we’ll looking more at coaching and mentoring, education and change management so these are all fields that I’ll be taking back to the Air Force to help my cadets work smarter not necessarily harder because they all work hard it’s how can I help them work a little bit smarter with that effort so they get more return for the effort that they put in. I’m going back to the RAF so I’ve been flying for 20 years that’s probably coming to an end now I’m really interested in psychology and how we can enhance learning in leadership so it’s actually given me a renewed drive for the second part of my career