CHEESE! – Blending Buddies! (kids video for toddlers)

Hey bud! Let’s make cheese! Cheese! Cheese Louise! Let’s make some
cheese! To make cheese, you need some nut milk, red pepper, nuts, and spices! Look! The baby has his own pepper. Hey, Bud. We’re to make this hot without using the oven. Just friction. Can you make friction? Feels hot, right? Friction! Friction! Friction! Baby friction. And the best part is, while it’s blending, we get to do the cheese dance! Cheese! I make cheese. Cheese! I make cheese. Cheese! I make cheese! And just like that we have cheese! What would you dip in this cheese? Oh that’s a great idea. I like carrots. He likes broccoli. And we all really like chips. You know who likes chips the most? Our dog, Lucy! All right buddy. It was so fun making cheese with you! Tell your mom and dad to hit
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