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Hello guys. I am back with a new video I know it has been so so long since the last time I uploaded a video, and I feel so sorry, I feel very bad but I’m here to explain what happened, because a lot of things happened all of a sudden and Yeah, it’s a little bit of a funny story my laptop One day decided that it didn’t want to to work properly again It just shut itself down and it never came back It is dead and gone, rest in Peace, and I had to replace it Because obviously I work with computers, and I couldn’t stay without one But I was with no computer for a while which Obviously was no good for editing videos and finding a replacement took a little while because I had this idea in mind that I would build myself a PC And that’s what I did, with the help of a friend So that came, that accident came at the right time actually, but I was not expecting it so I was a little bit shocked and then after that School became just so much busier than it was before I had to do a lot of school work. I didn’t have any time to edit and even if I had any time to edit some videos I didn’t have any camera, because the camera I usually use it is borrowed, so Yes, I didn’t have that either So everything just worked against me for a little while, but now I should be all set everything is Almost back to normal, even though, you know, there’s still some adjustments, because I also moved house a little bit of course I’m I’m off to college and it is always a little bit of moving time for me, every time school starts again and Every time I have some spare time to come back to visit my family So yeah, that is what happened That is the whole and full story but I wanted to come here and and tell you the story that I just told you, because I I think that Youtube is not something that I want to Abandon I would say I want to continue that, I really enjoy filming videos editing them I really enjoy uploading them and just seeing the response. It’s so nice. I love Reading your comments, down in the comment section, and I’m just so happy to interact. That’s what I mean I’m so happy to hear from all of you, and I missed that so, yeah That’s what I wanted to say and this is just a short video. This is from From my exam that I did a little while ago And yeah, it was a very big exam. It was very, very hard for me Also, because I didn’t really enjoy the subject but.. hey, you know, you have to do what you have to do so yeah, I think that is all and enjoy the video. you