Ceremony 6 ǀ 6 p.m. ǀ College of Arts and Letters

[ Music ] [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Ladies and gentlemen,
please remain standing and welcome Cal State, L.A. student Carolyn
Halpin [assumed spelling], who will perform
our national anthem, accompanied by the Cal
State, L.A. brass ensemble. [ Singing American
National Anthem ] [ Applause ]>>Please be seated. Good evening, students, honored
family members, and friends. I’m Rennie Schoepflin,
the new Dean of the College of
Arts and Letters. Welcome to the 2017
commencement ceremony. Over the course of your
academic career, our faculty, administration, and staff
have focused their expertise on your success. They have become your
mentors, and for many of you, your colleagues. At this time, I would
like to acknowledge and thank the the Chair of the
Academic Senate, Veena Prabhu, the members of the
faculty, emeriti faculty, and staff representing the
university’s six colleges, the John F. Kennedy Memorial
Library, and the administration for their contributions
to our students’ success. Will these members of the university community
please stand to be recognized? [ Cheering and Applause ] Thank you. You may be seated. Now please join me in
welcoming the President of California State University,
Los Angeles, William A. Covino.>>Thank you, Rennie. Good evening, Class of 2017! [Cheering] That’s right. That’s you, right? This is the — this year is the
70th Anniversary of Cal State, L.A. So we are looking
back on seven decades of student success, and we’re
looking forward to the future that you all will create. All commencements through
the ages are beginnings, we commence, we begin again. And this is another of
those great beginnings. A lot has changed over 70 years. Cal State, L.A.’s first
graduating class would not recognize student life today. They graduated in 1948, and
there were only seven students. Those seven couldn’t follow
their friends on Instagram or Snapchat, because there
was no Instagram or Snapchat. And if you can believe it,
they didn’t even have Facebook. I know, I know, yeah. I’m sure some of you
are on social media as I speak [cheering]. Yeah, right. Okay, thank you for
identifying yourselves. In 1948, no smartphones,
no iPads. Siri wasn’t even born yet. And how those early students
managed to write a paper without Wikipedia is beyond me. I can’t figure it out. Those were different times. For all 70 years, Cal State,
L.A. graduates have gone on to do amazing things
in spite of and because of the times in which
they lived. You will do the same. Your generation will build,
imagine, create, design, discover, write, and
innovate the next big thing that will change our world. [Cheering] All right,
thank you for agreeing. Going to have to get busy in
a couple hours, all right? The mind that will create
the next Google, or Facebook, or Amazon, or Uber, or stem cell
technology, or write the next “Hamilton” is sitting out here. Today you will be a Cal State,
L.A. alumnus and become part of a tradition of exceptional
dedication and achievement. You’ll join the ranks of
more than 240,000 alumni of Cal State, L.A., and
more than 3 million alumni of the California State
University system. Our trailblazing alumni include
tennis legend Billie Jean King — we’re sitting in the Billie
Jean King Sports Complex — Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congresswoman Lucille
Roybal-Allard, astronaut Samuel T. Durrance, international business leader
Isaac Larian, the Fire Chief of the Los Angeles, Ralph
Terrazas, the Director of the John Wayne Airport,
Barry Rondinella, Adriana Ocampo of NASA, Danielle
Ares, and executive with the Los Angeles
Clippers, Dr. Sumanta Pal, Co-Director of the Kidney Cancer
Program and Medical Oncology at the City of Hope Hospital,
members of the family that owns Gavina coffee. And members of the family
that owns Porto’s Bakery. [ Cheering ] Immediate name recognition. These all become now
your fellow alums. All of our alumni
are ambassadors. Through you the world will see
the character, the fierce drive, and intellect that define
Cal State, L.A. students. And you will need all that
you’ve learned and experienced to make your way in the world. You’re graduating during a
time of great uncertainty. For some of you, changes since November have had
a very personal impact, and the future seems unclear. But our commitment to
you and to the students who will follow you
is absolutely clear. As you graduate, I will say
again what I have communicated since the election
last fall, Cal State, L.A. is a richly diverse
community that values and supports all students. You are all Golden Eagles. You all will soar. [ Cheering and Applause ] You are the ones who will lead
this nation to a bright future. You’ll use your Cal State, L.A.
education, your compassion, your commitment to engagement,
service, and the public good, and you will build on the
advances of earlier generations. This weekend 4708 students
become graduates of Cal State, L.A. This Class of 2017
includes 119 veterans who have served our
nation with valor and then returned
to earn a degree. Will the veterans among our
students here today please stand and let us recognize you? [ Cheering and Applause ] Thank you very much
for your service. The Class of 2017 is the
first class to graduate since the university
returned to semesters. [ Booing ] Thank you for your support. Through the transition,
through changes and challenges, you persevered. And you didn’t accomplish
this important goal for yourself alone. You did it for those you love, and their devotion is a big
element of your success. And in that spirit, graduates, why don’t we applaud
all the mothers and fathers in the house. Please stand up,
mothers and fathers and let me recognize
you [applause]. Terrific, there they are. Let’s add the grandmothers and
grandfathers, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, nieces and
nephews, spouses and children, and all of the friends
of the Class of 2017. Thank you all so very much
for being such a big part of making this day possible. You know that Cal State, L.A. is
a rich intellectual community. Here you’ve been supported
by a staff that cares about your success
and wellbeing. You’ve learned from
and been mentored by the best faculty anywhere, in
a nationally-renowned college, the College of Arts and Letters. They’ve taught you to bring
new perspectives, fresh ideas, and high ambitions
into your life. This college is home to the
state-of-the-art television, film, and media center. TBFM people are all sitting
together, I can tell. This is a center that
serves as a great example of the university’s commitment to producing the
entertainment industry leaders of today and tomorrow. The class of 2017
includes so many students who understand the
important role of the arts and humanities in society. Here students develop
a mindset for success. And some, like Reva Ochuba,
transform their talent and artistry into
professional careers before they even graduate. In October, Reva launched a line
of clothing that was inspired by her research on
sumptuary laws from the 14th to 17th centuries, laws
that dictated what kinds of clothing people in different
social classes were allowed to wear. In the fashion world, Reva
has already become known as an up-and-coming artist. Her fashions have
appeared in the pages of the New York Times
and “Vogue” magazine. In January, a Beverly Hills
art gallery exhibited Reva’s designs, and she
is only beginning. She has been described as
forward-looking, as ambitious, always evolving, always growing. She plans to earn a Master’s
degree in the future, so look for her work
on the runway and in the fashion magazines. Reva, where are you? There she is. Congratulations. [ Applause ] And we have students
like Tai-Lynia Jones who create new careers
for themselves, learning from instructors
who are also some of Hollywood’s finest
professionals. While enlisted in the U.S. Navy, Tai-Lynia served three
deployments on the “U.S.S. Chancellorsville,” but a university degree
had always been her dream. After her discharge, she decided to pursue a long-held
interest in film. And at Cal State, L.A.,
Tai-Lynia majored in Television, Film, and Media Studies. Hard-working and driven,
Tai-Lynia has immersed herself in the field through
an internship and through her involvement
with a production company. She’s created opportunities to
learn, and practice her craft, and build a very
promising future. Tai-Lynia also works at the
Veterans’ Resource Center where she uses her experiences to assist other student
veterans. Today Tai-Lynia graduates with a
Bachelor of Arts in Television, Film, and Media Studies. She is the first of
her eight siblings to receive a Bachelor’s degree. In the fall, Tai-Lynia
will return to Cal State, L.A. to pursue a
Master of Fine Arts in Television, Film,
and Theater. Tai-Lynia is right there. Congratulations. [ Applause ] Our university is filled
with students like these who have a story to tell
of inquiry, and discovery, and life-changing
breakthroughs, of setbacks, but also of great successes. This is what it means
to be a graduate of the premiere comprehensive
university in Los Angeles. This year Cal State, L.A.
earned nationwide acclaim for its success in propelling
graduates into better lives. We are ranked number
one in the country for the upward mobility
of our students. No other university in the
nation does a better job of transforming low-income
students into high-income earners. And that is good news. Good news for graduates
and for our families. Parents, you can expect a
return on your investment. So class of 2017, as you move
forward into the next chapter of your life, hold fast to
the values and principles that brought you to this moment. You are the creators
of your destiny, and that realization
is the beginning of the best part of your lives. You have persevered,
and you have succeeded. Congratulations, Class of 2017. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Thank you, President Covino. And now it is my pleasure to
introduce our student speaker. Monica Roldan was
born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and attended Los Angeles Valley
College before transferring to Cal State, L.A.
Here she found a home in the forensics community. She served as the
President of the Forensics, Speech, and Debate Team. Today Monica graduates
with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication
with an emphasis in Social Change and Rhetoric. Monica will continue her
education at Cal State, L.A. in the Master’s Program
for Communication Studies. Please join me in
welcoming Monica Roldan. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Good evening family,
friends, President Covino, distinguished faculty,
and of course, the graduating class of 2017. I am so honored to have been
given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the
graduating class. Congratulations for
reaching this pivotal moment in each of our lives. First and foremost, I
have to take a moment to thank the faculty
of this campus. Thank you for believing
in us, your students. When we walked into class with
eye bags fit for designers, or when we were filled with
self-doubt and with fear, our mentors on this campus
were a guiding light. One of my mentors told
me that above all, you must believe in yourself. We must always remember that
we are worthy of our success, and remember why you started. Thank you for sharing with us
your endless amount of knowledge with such poise and generosity. You are a force that
brought us all here today, California State University,
Los Angeles is the home of academic diversity. When I transferred, I was
unsure what to expect other than finishing up a degree. A very quick two years
later, and I have realized that my time here has and always
will be valued beyond the hours spent sitting in a classroom
or in a lecture hall. Here is where I listened
to the stories of my peers, stories of struggle and defeat, stories of triumph
and resilience. My peers and friends here on this campus are
not just students. We are full-time employees,
we’re interns, we’re parents, we’re caretakers, done
all with a hair flip. We must give ourselves
more credit for balancing our hectic
lives so elegantly. This university graduates
the largest number of first-generation
college students. [ Cheering ] Thirty years ago,
my family traveled from Guatemala to
the United States. But my family’s journey
is not unique. Many of us here come
from families who may or may not have chosen to
remain in this country, but we make the best of it, even
when life throws us curveballs. Thank you to our
families for loving and supporting us
unconditionally. Thank you for making
sacrifices for our happiness. [ Speaking in Foreign Language ] [ Cheering and Applause ] Cal State, L.A. taught me that our differences are
what make us powerful. We must use our differences to
cultivate a world that is safe for everyone, even when our
country’s political system may prove otherwise. It has been difficult to see the
light at the end of this tunnel when recent political
decisions seem disastrous rather than progressive. But I have faith in knowing
that we are among a generation of individuals who invoke
compassion against bigotry, who do not flinch in the
face of sexism, racism, misogyny, and homophobia. We are among a generation
of individuals who went to the streets to defend
our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQIA community,
the black community, the Latin X community, for our
Muslim brothers and sisters, immigrants, able-bodied and not. [ Cheering and Applause ] We are here not to
just accept each other, but to embrace each other with our whole hearts,
minds, and bodies. We here are artists, musicians,
dancers, philosophers, writers, communicators, and
performers of all facets. L.A. native Mr. Kendrick Lamar
reminds us that we got, we got, we got, we got loyalty,
got royalty inside our DNA. We got power, poison, pain,
and joy inside our DNA. We got hustle, though,
ambition, flow inside our DNA. [ Cheering ] Now is the time that we share
our talents and our skills to the world outside
of this campus. Our degrees are more
than a piece of paper. Our degrees will serve as
social currency, as an anchor to advocate for tangible change
in the face of adversity. Whether you plan to
continue your education, work the job you have so
tirelessly worked toward, travel the globe, or
maybe you’re still unsure of what your future
holds, this is not the end. This is the beginning of
a new chapter in our lives in which we are the authors. We continuously deal
with hardship, and we exhibit resiliency
in a world that has often worked
against us. We are leaders — leaders
who will use our voices to truly support and
transform our communities. Congratulations Golden Eagles. We are the Class of 2017. Let’s spread our wings and soar. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Thank you, Monica. Among the students earning
Baccalaureate degrees are those who will graduate
with academic honors. Dr. David Connors, Associate
Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, will
acknowledge these students. Dr. Connors. [ Applause ]>>The university grants
the Baccalaureate degree with Latin designations summa
cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude to students who
have completed at least 30 units in residence and attained
a grade point average that ranks them within the
top 10% of their college. These students wear gold braids
draped on their black gowns to mark their outstanding
academic accomplishments. Will the candidates
for graduation with honors please
rise and be recognized? [ Cheering and Applause ] Please be seated. It is now my pleasure to introduce the Chief Academic
Officer of the university, Dr. Lynn Mahoney, Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs. Dr. Mahoney.>>Good evening. President Covino, I present to
you the candidates for degrees in the College of
Arts and Letters. They have met all
of the requirements for their respective
degrees and are recommended by the university
faculty who taught them.>>The recipients of the Master
of Arts from the College of Arts and Letters will now be hooded
and then presented onstage.>>Master of Arts in
Communication Studies.>>Dana Brionez Larana
[assumed spelling].>>Jackson Spencer
[assumed spelling].>>Raquel Daniella
Mascoso [assumed spelling].>>Ayushi Hingle
[assumed spelling].>>Salenae Abilet Agueri
Mendosa [assumed spelling].>>Lauren Elizabeth Rome
Collin [assumed spelling].>>Brian Hai [assumed spelling].>>Eric Christopher
Siberio [assumed spelling].>>Wesley Dylan Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Emily Marie Adams.>>Cinnamon Thompson.>>Peter B. Gerard
[assumed spelling].>>Carol Anne Kauffman
[assumed spelling].>>Alexander Daniel
DeJohn [assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts in Art.>>Crystal Marquez
[assumed spelling].>>Samantha Ann Matthews
[assumed spelling].>>Breann D. Wyatt
[assumed spelling].>>Maha Alarbi [assumed
spelling].>>Huelu Hau [assumed spelling].>>Marissa Wind Pitts
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts, Philosophy.>>Thomas Anthony
Valdezpino [assumed spelling].>>Rexford C. Al Ahajalamba
[assumed spelling].>>Robert Anthony Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Nathan Andre Eckert
[assumed spelling].>>Van Tu Dong [assumed
spelling].>>Kyle Scott Jeandreau
[assumed spelling].>>Andre Algasar
[assumed spelling].>>Eduardo Salazar
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts,
Interdisciplinary Studies, Digital Film Exported Globally as Anthropological
[inaudible] on Dance.>>Mark Allen Hunt
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts,
Interdisciplinary Studies, Women in Afro-Futurism.>>Lando Parsarian
Chelsaya [assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts in English.>>Salvador Ignacio Ayala
Camarillo [assumed spelling].>>Alina Skye Nunnally
[assumed spelling].>>Alejandra Bell
[assumed spelling].>>Karen JoAnna Ritta
[assumed spelling].>>Carninia Janelle
Chan [assumed spelling].>>Master of Arts in Spanish.>>Albert Price [assumed
spelling].>>Vanessa Isella Monteon
[assumed spelling].>>Angelica Gomez
[assumed spelling].>>David Ramos [assumed
spelling].>>Elizabeth Sandoval
[assumed spelling].>>Theresita de Jesus
Cruz [assumed spelling].>>Reuben S. Enosa
[assumed spelling].>>Daisy Martha Frausto
[assumed spelling].>>Natalie Maria Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Claudia Naomi Jiminez
[assumed spelling].>>Norettia Orjel
[assumed spelling].>>Mindy Estella Galindo
[assumed spelling].>>Estella Esparza
[assumed spelling].>>Veronica Medina
[assumed spelling].>>Suzette Gonzales
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Fine Arts in Art.>>Patrick David Kahn
[assumed spelling].>>Carlos E. Vargas
[assumed spelling].>>Ruby Sai Chang
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Fine Arts in
Television, Film, and Theater.>>Chi-Yu Achi [assumed
spelling].>>Robert Glen Decker
[assumed spelling].>>Yai Ju Choi [assumed
spelling].>>Murray Royal Brown
[assumed spelling].>>Marissa Wind Pitts
[assumed spelling].>>Master of Music in Music.>>Victor Sio [assumed
spelling].>>Marvin Carlos Baez
[assumed spelling]. Fatima Yamilet Paz
Dominguez [assumed spelling].>>Joseph Manuel Jargi
[assumed spelling].>>Kat Anderson [assumed
spelling].>>Emerson Dandoy Cardinas
[assumed spelling].>>The traditional moving of
the tassel is a special moment in the commencement ceremony. After all the degrees
have been conferred, President Covino will
lead the candidates in the moving of the tassel. The candidates for Baccalaureate
degrees will now be presented onstage.>>All right, here they come.>>Bachelor of Arts in Art.>>Chelsea Lynn Parsal
[assumed spelling].>>Josalyn Ochoa Oregon
[assumed spelling].>>Jan Arayas [assumed
spelling].>>Reva Ochuva [assumed
spelling].>>Natalie Lading Lam
[assumed spelling].>>Huele Tran [assumed
spelling].>>Lalaina Tarelita
Paralta [assumed spelling].>>Yeritza Molina
[assumed spelling].>>Jaime Gonzales
[assumed spelling].>>Robin Michelle Rosico
[assumed spelling].>>Cheyenne Robinson
[assumed spelling].>>Evelyn Carol Rodriguez
[assumed spelling].>>Rosalina Rosabella
Perez [assumed spelling].>>Patrice Kathleen Juarez
Rubio [assumed spelling].>>Catherine Leigh
Covington [assumed spelling].>>Jasmine Fabila
[assumed spelling].>>Crystal Nicole Anderson
[assumed spelling].>>Garin Onawaly Adayemo
[assumed spelling].>>Kevin Daniel Dreyden
[assumed spelling].>>Jaqueline Garcia
Gutierrez [assumed spelling].>>Yadera Natalie Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Kayla Monique Brown
[assumed spelling].>>Erica Maria Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Alvina Babaez
[assumed spelling].>>Ashley Ann Kroklowski
[assumed spelling].>>Elizabeth Aquilez
[assumed spelling].>>Maribel Santana
[assumed spelling].>>Marena Elizabeth
Miangamboa [assumed spelling].>>Ricardo Verdusco
[assumed spelling].>>Mando Francisco Gomez
[assumed spelling].>>Majid Sabat Ali
[assumed spelling].>>Joel Edward Arnette
[assumed spelling].>>Ryan Eugene Betts
[assumed spelling].>>Brenda Gisette Franco
[assumed spelling].>>Anabelle Rosas
[assumed spelling].>>Kara Lynn Sabati
[assumed spelling].>>Catherine Rose
Schrauder [assumed spelling].>>Scott Sutromu Dragu
[assumed spelling].>>Juao Nguyen [assumed
spelling].>>Marguerita Pinera
[assumed spelling].>>Andreas La Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>LeAnn Marie Lara
[assumed spelling].>>Catherine Lauren
Bonea [assumed spelling].>>Kelly Maldonado
[assumed spelling].>>Kevin Rene Estrada
[assumed spelling].>>Ryan Joseph Masine
[assumed spelling].>>Norris Alejandro
Castinaos [assumed spelling].>>Bridget Candace
Angulo [assumed spelling].>>Evelyn Marie Murphy
[assumed spelling].>>Francisco Gutierrez,
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Luis Jesus Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Arsola
[assumed spelling].>>Brent Vios [assumed
spelling].>>Ophedes Jasmine
Sandoval [assumed spelling].>>Natalie Frausto
[assumed spelling].>>Amagani Noriega
[assumed spelling].>>Andrea Sanon [assumed
spelling].>>Maili Lelan Tan
[assumed spelling].>>Erica Cortez [assumed
spelling].>>Sumaya Bushra Ansari
[assumed spelling].>>Georgina Gomez
[assumed spelling].>>Maria Racindez
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Jiagi Yung [assumed
spelling].>>Michelle Tonzak
[assumed spelling].>>Canace Koyko [assumed
spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts
in Philosophy.>>Church Eliot Liu
[assumed spelling].>>Christoper Angel
Flores [assumed spelling].>>Jared Daniel Sayers
[assumed spelling].>>Merritt Christopher
Patito [assumed spelling].>>Jesus Alberto Campos
Bravo [assumed spelling].>>Benita Heather Harris
[assumed spelling].>>Joseph Egan [assumed
spelling].>>Keith Brocket Fras
[assumed spelling].>>Jeffrey Chiou Lang
[assumed spelling].>>Jessica Damas
[assumed spelling].>>Joanna Pena [assumed
spelling].>>Nicole Eve McCue
[assumed spelling].>>Eliana Christo Selular
[assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts in
Theater Arts and Dance.>>Italia Ruffalo
[assumed spelling].>>Yareli Rojas [assumed
spelling].>>Lanaray Gochit Navarra
[assumed spelling].>>Rosio Diaz [assumed
spelling].>>Diana Fernanda Cruz
[assumed spelling].>>Melanie E. Martinez
[assumed spelling].>>Amelia Gonzales
[assumed spelling].>>Oswaldo Roberto
Mancia [assumed spelling].>>Emma Rose Andrenny
[assumed spelling].>>Eva Gornal [assumed
spelling].>>Liliana Marie Melro
[assumed spelling].>>Iselle Marie Pena
[assumed spelling].>>Ashley Nebe [assumed
spelling].>>Lisette Belmontez
[assumed spelling].>>Lindsey Darlene
Herrera [assumed spelling].>>Edward Ochoa Rosales
[assumed spelling].>>Steven Andrew Saltello
[assumed spelling].>>Elisa Ariana Macks
[assumed spelling].>>Froilan Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>DeAnna Vaia [assumed
spelling].>>Carlo Mariso Mareno
[assumed spelling].>>Gloria Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Danielle Marche Lee
[assumed spelling].>>Lauren Ashley Martinez
[assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts
in Liberal Studies.>>Crystal Losaro
[assumed spelling].>>Denise Maura Velez
[assumed spelling].>>Manuel Nigarete
[assumed spelling].>>Sandra Erlene Diaz
Segura [assumed spelling].>>Michael Zavala
[assumed spelling].>>Wait. Nakesha Nicole
Garcia [assumed spelling].>>Veronica Fabiola
Vasquez [assumed spelling].>>Sabrina Marie Bell
[assumed spelling].>>Cindy Estella Rugamas
[assumed spelling].>>Cindy Ayala [assumed
spelling].>>Monique Padea
[assumed spelling].>>Monica Maria Diaz
[assumed spelling].>>Laura Hernanadez
[assumed spelling].>>Sue-Lin Huisar
[assumed spelling].>>Emily Jordana Jarate
[assumed spelling].>>Karen Martel [assumed
spelling].>>Nicole Wimberly
[assumed spelling].>>Oyuki Perez [assumed
spelling].>>Michelle Henrita
Sevaich [assumed spelling].>>Brittany Elisa Lynch
[assumed spelling].>>Sharon Marie Sanchez
[assumed spelling].>>Jorge Luis Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Janette Suzanne
Paralta [assumed spelling].>>Miranda Torres
[assumed spelling].>>Alexandria Orsonia
[assumed spelling].>>Rosangelica Gonzales
[assumed spelling].>>Lillian Yannae Aguiri
[assumed spelling].>>Veronica Elizabeth Riva
Soto [assumed spelling].>>Byron Fuentes
[assumed spelling].>>Risana Medina
[assumed spelling].>>Emily Ann Franco
[assumed spelling].>>Marleny Tobar
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Herenandez
[assumed spelling].>>Jose Aurelio Molina,
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Nayali Araseli Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Celia Carloina Barjarano
Sanchez [assumed spelling].>>Naomi Ruth Nash
[assumed spelling].>>Riddie Lynn Rondales
Dean [assumed spelling].>>Blanka Estella
[Inaudible] [assumed spelling].>>Anita [inaudible]
Sanchez [assumed spelling].>>Taylor Marie Rodriguez
[assumed spelling].>>Jenny Romero [assumed
spelling].>>Arlene Ashley Arroyo
[assumed spelling].>>Crystal Rama Santo
[assumed spelling].>>Marlene Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Monica Nicole Carillo
[assumed spelling].>>Jose Eliasa Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Moises Anthony Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>Cathy Cortez [assumed
spelling].>>Bachelor of Music in Music.>>Perla Alejandra
Dalcid [assumed spelling].>>Jorge Anthony Amescua
[assumed spelling].>>Luis Caserras Flores
[assumed spelling].>>Christian Melgoza
[assumed spelling].>>Ariana Celeste Perez
[assumed spelling].>>Vinchenzo Delarosa
[assumed spelling].>>Joshua Miller
[assumed spelling].>>Jorge Fernando
Cabrerra [assumed spelling]>>Fernando Dario Gomez
[assumed spelling]>>Caroline Halpin
[assumed spelling].>>Riley Pyette [assumed
spelling].>>Jenny Tui Turan
[assumed spelling].>>Devone Michelle
Alamuwesley [assumed spelling].>>David Michael Zinner
[assumed spelling].>>Daniel Enrique Alba
[assumed spelling].>>Mary Anne Jou
[assumed spelling].>>Rizal Alexander
Tandrio [assumed spelling].>>Soo Jung Lee [assumed
spelling].>>Magnolia Ramirez
Carbatta [assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts in Chinese.>>Joe Pho [assumed spelling].>>Irene Chau [assumed
spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts in French.>>Andrew Salvador Betts
[assumed spelling].>>[Inaudible] Cortez
[assumed spelling].>>Eric Daniel Bernard
[assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts in Japanese.>>Jose Fransisco Navarro
[assumed spelling].>>Tamika Issan Ishi
[assumed spelling].>>Cathy Cacha [assumed
spelling].>>Valerie Michelle
Cruz [assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.>>Kimberly Guitierrez
[assumed spelling]>>Daisy Saucetto
[assumed spelling].>>Lilly Christina
Hansen [assumed spelling].>>Alejandra Cordova
[assumed spelling].>>Beatrice Cortez
[assumed spelling].>>Osana Manrique Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Daniel Alvarado
[assumed spelling].>>Carolina Ambriz
[assumed spelling].>>Derek Alexander
Castillo [assumed spelling].>>Bacherlor of Arts in English.>>Tiffany Ming Wang
[assumed spelling].>>Ian Charles Saunders
[assumed spelling].>>Tagoohi Tafigihan
[assumed spelling].>>Jessica Martinez
[assumed spelling].>>Mario Alexander
Guererro [assumed spelling].>>Emily Ortega [assumed
spelling].>>Ana Pena [assumed spelling].>>Eric Joon Liau
[assumed spelling].>>Nicolas Montoya
[assumed spelling].>>Cindy Valencia
[assumed spelling].>>Lilia Rodriguez
[assumed spelling].>>Gerado Flores
[assumed spelling].>>Kelly Andrea Pirril
[assumed spelling].>>Angelica Garcia
[assumed spelling].>>Angelica Mercedes Ortega
Aguilar [assumed spelling].>>Nancy Calderon
[assumed spelling].>>Dante Salvador Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>Britney Andrade
[assumed spelling].>>Britney Mercedes
Brown [assumed spelling].>>Smau Eruja [assumed
spelling].>>Tatiana Marie Perez
[assumed spelling].>>Angel Antonio Vaccerro
[assumed spelling].>>Brianna Yvette Medina
[assumed spelling].>>Ceresa Inez Monzo
[assumed spelling].>>Kenneth Ralph Miranda
[assumed spelling].>>William A. Lambert
[assumed spelling].>>Jacqueline Ruth Cope
[assumed spelling].>>Sabrina Elena Cortez
[assumed spelling].>>Alex Josue Fuentes
[assumed spelling].>>Nicholas Christian
Milachi [assumed spelling]>>Sarin K. Olverstein-Miller
[assumed spelling].>>Ivan Freeman O’Neil
[assumed spelling].>>Anjelino Nukin Simbulan
III [assumed spelling].>>Nora Gabriel [assumed
spelling].>>Sari Acti [assumed spelling]>>Nicole Milik Abrahamian
[assumed spelling].>>Ranice Michelle Cartin-Glover
[assumed spelling].>>Adam Dane Buckham
[assumed spelling].>>Elmas Kazloyen
[assumed spelling].>>Asim Sylvester Riche
[assumed spelling].>>David Prado [assumed
spelling].>>Laurina Kiegler
[assumed spelling].>>Brisa Estefani Juarez
[assumed spelling].>>Stefani Bartolo
[assumed spelling].>>Lenae Jean Ives
[assumed spelling].>>John Michael Erazmo
Rogers [assumed spelling].>>Jennifer Marcella
Pineda [assumed spelling].>>Cristal Kimberly
Cortez [assumed spelling].>>Joseph Ruben Bizlara
[assumed spelling].>>Kelly A. Vargas
[assumed spelling].>>Alexandria Lopez
[assumed spelling].>>Joshua Ford Hancock
[assumed spelling].>>Lisbeth Garcia Nunez
[assumed spelling].>>Scarlet Guzman
[assumed spelling].>>Allison Paige Navajostein
[assumed spelling].>>Brandy Luiz Tibarun
[assumed spelling].>>Victoria Moran
[assumed spelling].>>Wendy Lissete Alvarado
[assumed spelling].>>Anthony Ivan Figueroa
[assumed spelling].>>Ruben Anthony Rangel
[assumed spelling].>>Gabriella Yvette
Chacon [assumed spelling].>>Andrea Guadalupe
Romero [assumed spelling].>>Anthony Carea
[assumed spelling].>>Paige Anthonique
Hasergian [assumed spelling].>>Martin Pavez [assumed
spelling].>>Jose Miguel Torres
[assumed spelling].>>Sara John Bardelles
[assumed spelling].>>Armida Elisabeth
Rodriguez [assumed spelling].>>Janelle Dowe [assumed
spelling].>>Stefani Flores
[assumed spelling].>>Maria de Jesus
Villalobos [assumed spelling].>>Andres Ernesto Papiya
Lujan [assumed spelling].>>Eva Fernando Sotello
[assumed spelling].>>Maryah Crystal Carasa
[assumed spelling].>>Nora Selena Torres
[assumed spelling].>>Bachelor of Art
in Television, Film, and Media Studies.>>Malbu Barlangda
[assumed spelling].>>Lorena Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Sareli Alejandra
Perez [assumed spelling].>>Natalie Salaya
[assumed spelling].>>Joseph Christian
Marlot [assumed spelling],>>Sangfield Sapon
[assumed spelling].>>Barellio Ortiz
[assumed spelling].>>Edward Julian Fernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Aaron Chefris
[assumed spelling].>>George Paul Broomis
[assumed spelling].>>Aaron Michael Grinoulo
[assumed spelling].>>Veronica Paulabrutsa
III [assumed spelling].>>Edwin Arnold Davoud
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Antonio Zamora
[assumed spelling].>>Miriam Alejandra
Perez [assumed spelling].>>Lilly de Garcia
Jacobo [assumed spelling].>>Fragila Benites
[assumed spelling].>>Benjamin Patrick
Pendergast [assumed spelling].>>Kyle Gabriel Ibarlaza
[assumed spelling].>>Tylinia Margret Jones
[assumed spelling].>>Janice Monique
Peregrina [assumed spelling].>>Daron McNeil [assumed
spelling].>>Diana Lissette Nunez
[assumed spelling].>>Esperanza Juarez
[assumed spelling].>>Eddie Johnathan Zapata
Reina [assumed spelling].>>Manuel Elias [assumed
spelling].>>Cody Andre Parks
[assumed spelling].>>Morgan Loraine Saunders
[assumed spelling].>>Mark Mathew Eddy
[assumed spelling].>>Jose Elias Escalante
Oriana [assumed spelling].>>Chelsea Lynn Lee
[assumed spelling].>>Sienna Nicole Velasquez
[assumed spelling].>>Anna Maria Echanova
Manso [assumed spelling].>>Jerahd Ahkmed Najir
[assumed spelling].>>Mikala Joslyn Heinky
[assumed spelling].>>Edward Ramos [assumed
spelling].>>Jason Ricardo Williams
[assumed spelling].>>Shannon Louise Zirco
[assumed spelling].>>Christian Reyes
[assumed spelling].>>Reyis Steven Mexicanos
[assumed spelling].>>Gabriel Lopez
[assumed spelling].>>Jenny Figueroa
[assumed spelling].>>Abigail Rose Nino
[assumed spelling].>>America Maria Ocampo
[assumed spelling].>>Jordan Wayne Cramer
[assumed spelling].>>Lisa Soh [assumed spelling].>>Uzi Moses [assumed spelling].>>Danny Verdin [assumed
spelling].>>Michael Francis
Castro [assumed spelling].>>Robert China Berry
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Nikong Naziri
[assumed spelling].>>Johnathan D. Smith
[assumed spelling].>>James Kenneth Conover
[assumed spelling].>>Stymer Barregon
[assumed spelling].>>Irvin de Villasenor
Martinez [assumed spelling].>>Mitchel Goshuyuki
Kitaroa [assumed spelling].>>Yasmin Madelina
Godinez [assumed spelling].>>Adrian Coarubias
[assumed spelling].>>Kimberly Villarue
[assumed spelling].>>Claudia Sofia Monterosa
[assumed spelling].>>Shanice Joy Jackson
[assumed spelling].>>Alicia Nicolete
Santamaria [assumed spelling].>>Angelica Francis
Duarte [assumed spelling].>>Diana Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Jasmine Yvette Ruiz
[assumed spelling].>>Andrew Louera Beltran
[assumed spelling].>>Oscar Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>Alejandro Ortega
[assumed spelling].>>Caitlin Petersen
Fluke [assumed spelling].>>Gabriella Guadalupe
Chevoni [assumed spelling].>>Eduardo Carmona
[assumed spelling].>>Christian Ascencio
[assumed spelling].>>Vincent Michael
Quintana [assumed spelling].>>Leah Marie Galindo
[assumed spelling].>>Sulean Ruby Arcea
[assumed spelling].>>Diana Moreno [assumed
spelling].>>Jalar Melcan [assumed
spelling].>>Genesis Jasmine
Hernandez [assumed spelling].>>Britney Lee Thompson
[assumed spelling].>>Murnelli P. Arnold
[assumed spelling].>>Johnathan Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Sean Jutayana
[assumed spelling].>>Emma Marie Gomez
[assumed spelling].>>Alice Web Wilson
[assumed spelling].>>Natalie Nicole Velchez
[assumed spelling]. Natalie Nicole Welches
[assumed spelling].>>Eduardo Jesus Garcia
Joya [assumed spelling].>>Brandon Michael Young
[assumed spelling].>>Diego Eduardo Navarro
[assumed spelling].>>Mila Tskova Kosava
[assumed spelling].>>Paige Victoria Miller
[assumed spelling].>>Daisy Yamas [assumed
spelling].>>Coral K’Lani Glass
[assumed spelling].>>Elisabeth Felix
[assumed spelling].>>Mavik Ansa [assumed
spelling].>>Elena Montene Olgo
[assumed spelling].>>David Elias Ochoa
[assumed spelling].>>Michael Anthony Lawrence
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Carey Elisabeth Hess
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Keli
Collins [assumed spelling].>>Edward Saldana
[assumed spelling].>>Kevin Marcus Gann
[assumed spelling].>>Oscar Rene Alonis
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Nancy Martinez
[assumed spelling].>>Frederico Elgenio
Suligar [assumed spelling].>>Carla Elisabeth
Grajeda [assumed spelling].>>Ernesto Brooks
[assumed spelling]. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome mother and brother Fillomina
and Scott Juanreze to accept the degree
posthumously of Bachelor of Arts in Television, Film,
and Media Studies for graduating candidate Brandon
Juanreze, escorted by the Chair of Television, Film, and Media
Studies, Dr. John Ramirez. Bachelor of Arts
in Communication.>>Vicky Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Brian Joseph young
[assumed spelling].>>Elisabeth Liana
Zuniga [assumed spelling].>>Dione Melvin Best
Sr. [assumed spelling].>>Joseph Villalobos
[assumed spelling].>>Sean D. Ferral
[assumed spelling].>>Philip Kim [assumed
spelling].>>Steven Patrick Macinac
Martinez [assumed spelling].>>Alexandria — Alexandria
Mia Trejo [assumed spelling].>>Baptrice Ortiz Urivan
[assumed spelling].>>Mohamed Maidin
[assumed spelling].>>Sabrina Nicole Fabrin
[assumed spelling].>>Jeremy Rashaad Pope
[assumed spelling].>>Janine Haynes
[assumed spelling].>>Desma Kirah [assumed
spelling].>>Joanne Charles Smith
[assumed spelling].>>Rebecca Peralta
[assumed spelling].>>Iselda Consuelo
Figueroa [assumed spelling].>>Uryan Disilva
[assumed spelling].>>Joshua Donald Kilmer
[assumed spelling].>>Monica Lynn Roldan
[assumed spelling].>>Susan Gutierrez
[assumed spelling].>>Ingrid Pamela Barrajas
[assumed spelling].>>Sharon Coka [assumed
spelling].>>Genesis Lynette
Salvador [assumed spelling].>>Ashley Shurel Gross
[assumed spelling].>>Vanessa Arlene Rosas
[assumed spelling].>>Monserat Condedash
Controso [assumed spelling].>>Jajira Rebecca
Hernandez [assumed spelling].>>Paula Guadalupe Gomez
[assumed spelling].>>Rosalie Gayegos
[assumed spelling].>>Joaquin Areano
[assumed spelling].>>Ashley Marie Neil
[assumed spelling].>>Valerie Sofia Alkala
[assumed spelling].>>Anthony Darren Aguilera
[assumed spelling].>>Tony Keogh [assumed
spelling].>>William Enrique Reyes
Sr. [assumed spelling].>>Brianna Marie Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Jacqueline Beatrice
Dubon [assumed spelling].>>Talita Gaspanyan
[assumed spelling].>>Nicolas Carrillo
[assumed spelling].>>Leslie Janice Maseregos
Maldonado [assumed spelling].>>Laura Isabel Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>Norma Nareda Sanchez
[assumed spelling].>>Rosemary Alvilles
[assumed spelling].>>Brianna Maureen
Suliga [assumed spelling].>>Marcella Alejandra Mancia
Mendoza [assumed spelling].>>Denise Bernal
[assumed spelling].>>Carlos Alberto
Hernandez [assumed spelling].>>Aurora Bermeo
[assumed spelling].>>Melanie Rochelle
Pavaro [assumed spelling].>>Nicole Macadoo
[assumed spelling].>>Lauren Gomez [assumed
spelling].>>Jamie Ann Veero
[assumed spelling].>>Fransisco Javier
Cortez [assumed spelling].>>Jeremiah Duane Mason
[assumed spelling].>>Nigeria Paulette
Whitfield [assumed spelling].>>Jasmine Anne Adiguo
[assumed spelling].>>Myra Alejandra Montez
[assumed spelling].>>Delora Kimberly
Quintanilla [assumed spelling].>>Marylin Inez Pena
[assumed spelling].>>Amanda Catherine
Wingle [assumed spelling].>>Julia Ham [assumed spelling].>>Kyle Navarro Bernadino
[assumed spelling].>>Allison Tam Tam Thai
[assumed spelling].>>Selena [Inaudible] Saline
Sanchez [assumed spelling].>>Jenny Lauren Michael
[assumed spelling].>>Analaura Salya
[assumed spelling].>>Emily Catherine
Dobari [assumed spelling].>>Sonya Cuevas [assumed
spelling].>>Priscilla Marie Lopez
[assumed spelling].>>Paola Beatriz Lopez
[assumed spelling].>>Fabiola Covarubias
[assumed spelling].>>Guadalupe Martinez
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Paulette Flores
[assumed spelling].>>Adrian Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Maria Jimena Suri
[assumed spelling].>>Genevieve Irasema
Arsen [assumed spelling].>>Suzette Winsalso
Paryto [assumed spelling].>>Nancy Christine
Valensuela [assumed spelling].>>Albelva Wang [assumed
spelling].>>Alma Pyllerez
[assumed spelling].>>Elisabeth Roxanne
Martinez [assumed spelling].>>Susie Winn [assumed
spelling].>>Charissa Rojas Cordero
[assumed spelling].>>Maria Belen Sanchez
[assumed spelling].>>Erica Floyd [assumed
spelling].>>Jamie Natalie Gutierrez
[assumed spelling].>>Lupita Lopez [assumed
spelling].>>Jasbet Aleman Rubio
[assumed spelling].>>Monique Irene Andres
[assumed spelling].>>Nicole Michelle
Magayan [assumed spelling].>>Alejandro Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Brenda Rivera
[assumed spelling].>>Valeria Chupina
[assumed spelling].>>Amber Elisabeth
Ellico [assumed spelling].>>Amanda Marie Velasco
[assumed spelling].>>Lauren Diane Gonzalez
[assumed spelling].>>Shelby Lynn Gruenberg
[assumed spelling].>>Shawn Isaiah Canady
[assumed spelling].>>Aaron Timothy Mendoza
[assumed spelling].>>Christian Enrique
Cano [assumed spelling].>>Johnny Ringo Rivels
[assumed spelling].>>Carl W. Taylor
[assumed spelling].>>Diana Sitlalee Buenolos
[assumed spelling].>>Martin Gaffney
[assumed spelling].>>Juventino Mantiyon
Jr. [assumed spelling].>>Paola Gomez Rodriguez
[assumed spelling].>>Samantha Marie Logan
[assumed spelling].>>Veronica Cortez
[assumed spelling].>>Lindsey Ray Hajeck
[assumed spelling].>>Sarah Molly Dudley
[assumed spelling].>>Adrianna Mariella
Lumbard [assumed spelling]. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Alfonso Vallesa
Castro [assumed spelling].>>Taylor Lynn Deaks
[assumed spelling].>>Arturo Hernandez
[assumed spelling].>>Fabian Valdivia
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Paul
Uribe [assumed spelling].>>Estevan Erderio Yan
[assumed spelling].>>Cindy Winn [assumed
spelling].>>Stephen Gene Van Mirlo the
second [assumed spelling].>>Ashley Samantha Leon
[assumed spelling].>>Angelique Nicole
Rojas [assumed spelling].>>Emanuel Jesualdo
Alalla [assumed spelling].>>Nicolette Ivana Kao
[assumed spelling].>>Katie Ann Lockie
[assumed spelling].>>Marcella Alexis
Castillo [assumed spelling].>>Hunter Martel Penrod
[assumed spelling].>>Riley McKay Arkrie
[assumed spelling].>>Michelle Granado
[assumed spelling].>>Aziza Marie Dean
[assumed spelling].>>Brittany Maldonado
[assumed spelling].>>Ashley Nora Aragon
[assumed spelling].>>Diana Marie Barajas
[assumed spelling].>>Tyler Curtis Roach
[assumed spelling].>>Brittany Anne Alamillo
[assumed spelling].>>Ashley Marie Harris
[assumed spelling].>>Fabian Letroy Nine
Griffith [assumed spelling].>>Kathy Martinez
[assumed spelling].>>Ryan Lawrence Warlick
[assumed spelling].>>Jessica Carol Rico
[assumed spelling].>>Christine Tran
[assumed spelling].>>Beatrice Coralez
[assumed spelling].>>Miguel Antonio Escalante
Junior [assumed spelling].>>Christian Carrosco
[assumed spelling].>>Jaima Callegos Castillo
[assumed spelling].>>Kathleen Brown Hoff
[assumed spelling].>>Elaine Kim Booey
[assumed spelling].>>Andrew Rocio Estrada
[assumed spelling].>>Christopher Angel
Flores [assumed spelling].>>Erica Lynn Salinas
[assumed spelling].>>Rosa Nares [assumed
spelling].>>Elizabeth Pilar
Ayella [assumed spelling].>>Iman Abuducadar
[assumed spelling].>>Claudia Eloisa Linarez
[assumed spelling].>>Jasmine Lianne Alarcon
[assumed spelling].>>Myra Lizette Villareal
[assumed spelling].>>Denny Ramirez
[assumed spelling].>>Maria Denise Garillo
[assumed spelling].>>Raylene Priscilla
Rodriguez [assumed spelling].>>Monica Swar [assumed
spelling].>>Rame Ann Shama
[assumed spelling].>>Jennifer Marie Alvez
[assumed spelling].>>Savo Michelle Sampen
[assumed spelling].>>Tara Yvette Yasdan
Pina [assumed spelling].>>Sheralyn Alani Gregory
[assumed spelling].>>Josue Estevan Precili
[assumed spelling].>>Christina Elizabeth
Pardo [assumed spelling].>>Wachina Shuchu Patwat
Dwizine [assumed spelling].>>Jamie Pearl Farmer
[assumed spelling].>>Lydia Ruelas [assumed
spelling].>>Elizabeth Espinoza
[assumed spelling].>>Eileen Esther Ortega
[assumed spelling].>>Michelle Parillas
[assumed spelling].>>Caroline Lizbeth
Bermudes [assumed spelling].>>Dahlia Jasmin Molina
[assumed spelling].>>Donna Marie Christie
Bernet [assumed spelling].>>Adriana Yvonne
Hernandez [assumed spelling].>>Karen Maria Cervantes
[assumed spelling].>>Stephanie Denise
Magana [assumed spelling].>>Leslie Ponce [assumed
spelling].>>Andrea Agilar Sepulveda
[assumed spelling].>>Richard Eric Severnson
[assumed spelling].>>Chase Musson [assumed
spelling].>>My turn. Is it your turn? I have a short sentence. [ Cheering and Applause ] All right. Quiet them down.>>It is [inaudible].>>What?>>It is me.>>Okay.>>All right. We have a little more
business to do here. Will the candidates for
master’s degrees please rise for the conferral
of your degree? By the authority vested in
me by the state of California and by the trustees of the
California State University, I hereby confer upon
you the master’s degree for which you qualify with
all the rights, privileges, and honors pertaining thereto. Congratulations. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>And now, while you
master’s holders sit down, we’re going to have all of the
baccalaureate candidates stand. [ Cheering and Applause ] Baccalaureate candidates, by
the authority vested in me by the state of California
and by the trustees of the California
State University, I hereby confer upon you
the baccalaureate degree for which you qualify with
all the rights, privileges, and honors pertaining thereto. Now, move the tassel from
the right to the left. Congratulations. [ Cheering and Applause ] Now, can I have the whole
class of 2017 stand, please? [ Cheering and Applause ] You are now proud
alumni of Cal State LA. [ Cheering and Applause ] Congratulations, class of 2017. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>You get to follow that.>>Who scripted that?>>I would like to thank all of
the university staff, faculty, students, and volunteers
involved in organizing the 2017
commencement ceremony and acknowledge the members
of the Honors Convocation and Commencement
Advisory Committee. Let’s give them a
round of applause. [ Cheering and Applause ] At this time, the university
hymn will be performed by Cal State LA student Caroline
Halpin [assumed spelling], who will be accompanied by the
Cal State LA brass ensemble. The lyrics can be found
inside your program. [ Music ] [ Cheering and Applause ] [ Music ] [ Music ]