Carrier Rocket General Assembly

The next stage of launch preparation is general assembly of the rocket and “SOYUZ”spacecraft. The space nose cone, launch escape systemand three stages are integrated into a single unit. As soon as all these operations are completed, the State Commission renders a decision of the launch vehiclereadiness to be delivered to the launch pad. Delivery time is calculated depending on the launch time. However, almost every time it happens at dawn. And, perhaps, for this reason, it looks especially magnificent. Traditionally, numerous guests, journalists and, certainly, space industry experts observe the departure of the spaceship from the assembly-test complex. Police and security service of the launch area maintain order on the ground and in the air. They travel at the speed of no more than 5 kilometers per hour. It hasnothing to do with space velocity here. The “unearthly” cargo has to be delivered to the launch pad in good condition. The operational crew working at the launch pad consists of more than five hundred people. The experts succeed at performing all tasks necessarywithinone day. However, according to the rules, in case of unexpected circumstances, there are always 24 hours in reserve. The crew spends them in their hotel. They don’tgoto the rocket mounted at the launching complex due to the observation regime. They have to communicate with rest of the world through the glass.