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Hello All..This is Elsa from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities that you can have in Molecular Biology Molecular biology is a study of science that
deals predominantly with molecular basis of biological activities, majorly. Molecular
biology is a field that generally overlaps itself with areas covering chemistry and biology,
as well as genetics and biochemistry, in particular. Molecular biology expects potential candidates
to acquire a bachelors’ degree in hand to become an expert at molecular biology, specially,
a molecular biologist. These biologists study biochemical processes and mechanisms within
living organisms, majorly of plants, animals and people. Researchers of this field are
expected to acquire an advanced degree as such. The job description of molecular biologists generally account those having expertise in
this field and having more than required information about the same, although it should be readily
accessible. These biologists are expected to experiment themselves and their knowledge
wide across the research team and gain the best of results in a quick span of time. The
jobs vary from genetically producing new crops and the testing and implementation of this
new invention. Other biologists aim at developing the validity of drugs to fight off diseases
and stimulate safer methods of genetic growth. These biologists are expected to excel in
their work duties which include cloning kits, working with advanced lab equipments, synthesizing
DNA, temperature cycles and electron guns. Job opportunities for molecular biologists
exist in an array of industries such as private industries, government labs, government agencies
and universities. Bachelor’s degree in molecular biolgy serves
a four year program covering the following subjects:
• Genetics • Biology
• Chemistry • Physiology
Master’s degree in the same serves an addition of two year’s program to the previously mentioned
bachelor’s degree and has the following topics of concern in the basket:
• Stem cell research • Advanced biochemistry
• Multiple lab rotations An array of companies that hire molecular
biologists could be listed down across India. To name a few are listed below:
• Indian Vaccines Corporation • Sun Pharmacy
• Cadila • Indo American Hybrid seeds
• Thapar Group • Hindustan Antibiotics
• Hindustan Lever The average salary of a biologist counts to
3 to 5lac per annum. Also, a post graduate degree adds more amount to your salary expectations Following is a list of colleges’ expertise
in Molecular Biology: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Azad
Hind Fauj Marg, , New Delhi, PSG College of Technology Avinashi Road, Coimbatore,
Thapar University Punjab Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka
Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT),Tamil Nadu 3091 ,
BMS College of Engineering Bull Temple Road, Bangalore To know more about this course, log on to, India’s largest growing online portal regarding career issues and
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