Cardiff University – Mia (Sociology)

My name
is Mia Frost I’m a first year student
studying sociology at Cardiff University. The “Step Up Scheme” in Cardiff
encouraged me so much to go to University it helped with my personal statement,
it helped me go through all the tariff points and understanding how it
worked because I wasn’t used to that at all they really showed me
the dynamics of how it works how it operates and that’s so
good to see before you get to University because I’d imagine that if
I’d come to University not knowing all of this I would have thought “wow” this is really
overwhelming but it gets you prepared, it is so good. I think widening participation
is so important for Universities like Cardiff Uni because it gets a variety
of different students into the University which is awesome
because it gives everybody a chance not just the children who are
middle class, but also children like myself who aren’t very privileged
and didn’t go to an amazing school. The Sunday evening before
I started University on the Monday I couldn’t like…
I just didn’t want to go I thought I can’t do it,
my Mum and Dad aren’t going to be there but I think it’s a situation
in life where it helped me so much even though I was so scared, I didn’t
know what to expect and, I didn’t know anybody everyone’s in
the same boat as you. Before I came to Cardiff University
there were all sorts of chats on Facebook Facebook groups that say
Cardiff Social Science Fresher’s 2015 which I joined and I met some of my
friends that I’m still friends with to this day and the support I get in
Cardiff University is phenomenal. I can’t tell you how much
support I get, I get it from my lecturers my personal tutor, the Step Up
scheme I’m involved in, the Students Union itself and also my
friends and my family. I think it’s important to join a
society or a club at any University you go to because again it’s
another way to meet friends it’s a new way of getting involved with
activities you may have not got involved with before. The best thing about Cardiff University
is the fact that it’s a non-campus University so it’s a mixture of
traditional and modern buildings and the place where I study
has even been featured on Dr Who. When you come to University
your background doesn’t matter because there are so many different
people from so many different ethnicities and different
backgrounds at University that everyone just accepts
each other and everyone just gets on.