Captain Bobby Tisdale MARS ATTACKS! YouTube Space Lab with Liam and Brad

Hey. Hello, Liam! Brad! Hello, Earth! Yes, it’s me, Captain Bobby,
beaming to you live from orbit. Check it out. I’ve been here a long time,
guys, a long time. 18 months, 15 days, 36 minutes,
and 25 seconds. But who’s counting? Anyway, between my space walks,
my space talks, my space jogs,
my space, uh, walks, I’ve had plenty of time. So I decided to watch my top-20
favorite sci-fi movies and show you how they become,
or are becoming, reality. First movie, good one…
“Mars Attacks.” It’s stars, oh, I don’t know,
Jack Nicholson and the cupcake of all cupcakes,
Natalie Portman. Now, crazy
as those Martians seem, scientists are now certain
that Mars has water, even running water. And you know what they say, “When there’s water,
there’s life.” So maybe those Martians
aren’t so crazy after all. [laughing] Okay. Guys, it’s time
for me to leave. I’ll see you real soon. Friendship claw! Krr, krr-krr. Krr-krr.