BSocSc Sociology at HKU: Student view

My name is Leafia, I am now a final-year
student studying sociology and I was born in Shanghai, have been living in Hong Kong for 4 years. I decided to apply to HKU because I thought it would be a very international environment, which is like opening up a lot of doors to me in my university life. When I first started my
undergraduate life, I didn’t really think of majoring in sociology, because I was so sure that I was going to become a journalist after graduation. But then later after I took the course “Introduction to Sociology” I realised that I was really fascinated by the subject and was really curious about things such as mechanisms behind social incidences and that’s when I decided,
maybe I should explore a little bit more, and eventually I decided to do a major in sociology. First, when I started doing a major in sociology I thought what I would be looking at,
were those really big terms that we often hear in [the] media such as poverty, gender inequality,
and ethnic minorities. But when I really started going to lectures and doing a little bit of research on my own, I realised that what I was doing,
was really practicing a way of thinking. I was looking at all
the different social issues in a different angle, and understanding them
in my own way and in my own research. I think one of the most interesting experiences that I’ve had in the Department of Sociology was my capstone experience in my final year. This is a course that is very different from all
other courses we’re taking because this is a very comprehensive experience of us conducting a research project
on a topic that we are interested in, and we will be assigned to a professor and this person would lead us through the whole process and give us suggestions on our
methodology process. And then we’ll make a presentation, and present the results in a capstone fair and talk to different students maybe
from the faculty, or outside the faculty and understand what different parties
really think of our project which really made me reflect a lot on what I was doing and how that could really make a social impact. What the professor did to us was, she would talk to us about [her] own
personal experiences, and also she would help us on reflect a lot on what we’re
doing and what we ultimately want to achieve, which really made us feel like
we’re real sociologists talking to other fellow sociologists. So I thought
that was an amazing experience which really made me better prepared for my future career. So after graduating from HKU, this is something that I’ve never expected when I first entered HKU I’m going to do a PhD degree in sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
with full scholarship. So I’m really excited about this new journey that is coming up.