BSc Mathematics with a Year in Industry at the University of Kent

Hello I’m Shaun Warren and I am second year studying Maths. I chose to study Maths at the University of Kent because the campus is beautiful and I really enjoyed the city of Canterbury. The best thing about studying here is the communal feel that the School of Maths has. Everyone seems to look out for everyone else. My favourite topic has been Linear Algebra and I like this because it has many applications to real life problems. The most interesting part of the course so far for me has been cryptography that we study in Number Theory. This has many applications to coding and I find it very fascinating. The School is very supportive of me. If I can’t make any lecturers’ hours they will always make extra time for me and make sure that I can go through the questions with them. The new Sibson Building’s great. I really like the layout of the building and it’s so new. Now all of the Maths department have one home, everything is under one roof and in the same place which is really good. I’ve gained many skills through being here at Kent and I feel like these will definitely benefit me in my future career. The course so far has been absolutely brilliant and I have loved every second of it.