BSc Mathematics and Statistics with a Year in Industry at the University of Kent

Hello I’m Kezia, I’m a third year BSc Maths with Statistics student with a Year in Industry which I’ve just returned from and I’m also a Student Ambassador. Being a Student Ambassador entails two things, so there’s the outreach strand which is talking to people who aren’t necessarily prospective students things like STEP classes for A Level students. And then there’s the recruitment strand which entails talking to definitely prospective students so Applicant Days, Open Days. And the purpose of both of those is to get people excited about maths, and maths careers and maths futures. Specifically which want them to see how great maths at Kent is. My favourite topic at university isn’t necessarily a particular topic it’s when I’m doing things and I see real life examples in the maths. So, there was an example of multi-criteria decision analysis and that’s something that I actually used on my placement year so when I’m learning it at university, I can see that it’s not just some abstract idea it actually does serve a purpose in the real world and that’s what I like about my degree. The most interesting thing that I’ve found on the course so far is when I’m looking at something like Optimisation which is usually trying to maximise a profit or minimise costs or something and I can see oh this is how it’s actually used in the real world. It’s not just some words on a text book, it has an application. I think the best thing about studying maths here is the amount of help available. So, I know that I’ve definitely seen almost all of my lecturers in their office hours and I’ve always gone in really confused, really stuck on something, not understanding what’s going on. Big part of maths is actually working on it in your own time because someone talking you through something in a lecture you’re going to grasp the basic concept but you’re not going to really understand the nitty gritty and that’s when it gets hard and that’s when you need the support that I think Kent is great at providing. My Year in Industry has helped me in my studies in that it’s given me a time management that I definitely didn’t have before, and I’ve come out of my Year in Industry with a job secured for graduating, so this year I don’t have to waste any time that I could be studying or relaxing, on looking for a graduate job. I think the Sibson Building means that students have more specialised places to study and they’re not worried about having to find space in the library because this is a building for us. My experience at Kent University has really helped me establish myself who I am, what I want, and help me go get it, so ultimately it’s been life changing.