Breathe Pure Air At Nashik Railway Station

In Nashik, Maharashtra the pollution levels are very bad. An ‘Oxygen Parlour’ has been set up at Nasik railway station, where many plants are planted to purify the air. Airo Guard, is a firm in the field of plant nurseries. Airo Guard collaborated with the Indian Railways to plant trees in the Oxygen Parlour. Founder of Airo Guard, Amit Amritkar said that NASA’s conducted a sucessfull research on plants. Amit Amritkar said that, this is why they decided to plant trees here. In 1989, NASA planted plants, that were able to absorb the five of the most harmful pollutants from the air and then purify the air. This is why they decided to start the same here. AQI measures pollution levels in an area. An AQI between 145 to 165 is deemed to be unhealthy. The AQI of Nasik is 149. Air is really bad there. These plants are capable of cleaning the air in an area of 10×10 feet around them. There are around 1500 plants in the Oxygen Parlour. The train passengers will enjoy the purified air. Amritkar says that they aim to spread such purifying plants first to every railway station and then to residential homes. This is Amit’s aim. People can gift plants from the Oxygen parlour to friends and family, so that they enjoy the fresh air. He said India will then breathe clean and pure air. A passenger at the Nasik Railway station said, earlier the air was very bad. If such plants are there, then passengers in the train will enjoy the change in air quality. Amit has urged people to start this innitiative all over India so people can enjoy the change in air quality.