Botanical theme for Bullet Journal (vintage, fall, mushrooms) | Monthly and weekly layout ideas

Vintage botanical theme
for bullet journal The title page design for November will include a vintage washi tape I will list all the products used for this bujo in the description box I’m tearing the edges of the washi tape for a more vintage effect Placing a big lovely mushroom sticker on the tape. And a postal stamp-shaped sticker with another mushroom This flower is from another sticker set, but has the same matte surface For one bujo spread, I select stickers similar in color palette and style Since it’s the last month of autumn, I wanted to use warm, earthy colors and botanical themed decorations A set of lower case alphabet stamps- vintage schoolbook font Ginkgo leaf stamp Space for important dates of the month Making a 2-column table with the number of days in November VersaCraft ink pad- autumn leaf color. Acid-free and archival Highly recommend it- it’s soaked well and the color is really beautiful Using stamps with numbers for dates A set of narrow washi tapes in autumn colors Making a small “To read” section Drawing various small leaves instead of bullet points Micron ink pen size 0.05 Staedtler fineliner- dark orange A small playlist for favorite music of this month In order to fill in empty space, I’m “extending” the plant sticker Basically, I’m just drawing similar leaves on branches A small space for this month’s watchlist – using alphabet stamps Staedtler dark orange fineliner This washi tape’s color is similar to Venetian Red I arrange stickers until I’m satisfied with how the page looks I’m using several sticker sets for this bullet journal theme. All sticker sets, stamps are listed in the description box “Weekly Challenge” stamp. I’ve found it to be really useful Staedtler dark red fineliner- writing my weekly challenges This is going to be a weekly spread with a running list Making a small calendar What trackers do you put in your weekly spread? I’m making trackers for YouTube and Instragram growth Lines for each day of the week with their dates Running List system for this week’s tasks Running list is a flexible system allowing postponing tasks I’m using this stamp with a line of 6 squares 6 squares=6 days of the week (no tasks for Sunday- rest day ๐Ÿ™‚ ) When a task is complete, I color the square of the day on which it was done An arrow shows I have postponed the task until the next or another day Space to write what you were grateful for this week Next page- habit tracker for the month I’m going to use stickers and stamps for its design as well Making such collages is, in fact, as satisfying as drawing ๐Ÿ™‚ Next page – habit tracker for the month Schoolbook alphabet stamps – low case A versatile stamp – I use it as a calendar for tracking habits Ginkgo leaf stamp Finance tracker page- sticking an orange washi tape Using one stamp with spendings tracker to fill in the whole page Taking the same Victorian newspaper tape as in the beginning Tearing uneven edges I think this dark blue flower will match the orange tape quite well Writing the title of this page I hope this video was useful for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Visit my shop & portfolio at . Thanks a lot for your support!