Botanical Garden: How to crossbreed and other tips! – Family Farm Seaside

Hi Farmers! My name is Joss and I’m here at the Family Farm Seaside studio, to give you some in-game tips, help and advice. Where’s Alex? Ah yeah, he’s been really busy recently, so he’s asked me to help him out If you want to find out what he’s up to, check out the Family Farm YouTube Channel. So, let’s get on with it! I’d love to show you all my lovely garden and give you some helpful tips and advice on how to register your flowers, how to crossbreed your flowers, and just some other useful garden tips. The Botanical Garden Okay, so let’s have a look at my garden. As you can see from the screen, my garden has several lovely flowers in it. To make them grow up healthy and strong they need to be tended with different items at different times. These items can be purchased in the mystery store. However keep in mind the items only appear by chance in the mystery store. So if you don’t see what you need you can always refresh and have new items available. Here’s a tip from me: buy items when you see them. Just in case you can’t find them when you need them. So keep in mind there are two kinds of flowers. You have flowers in your garden and you have Friendship Flowers which you place in your neighbor’s gardens. Let’s click on the small green house and see how my flowers are doing. We can click on the flower to go directly to our neighbors garden and have a look at how they’re taking care of it. Ah, we’ve seen my neighbor is not taking care of this flower. maybe they don’t like it. If I want to take it back At this point I can click on the flower and click on the yellow arrows to bring it back to my inventory. I can then choose to give my neighbor a different flower Maybe they’ll prefer this snowflake Friendship Flower. Okay, next up on our list is registering flowers. The first thing you want to do is click on the menu, click on gallery and then scroll through your gallery until you find the flower that you wish to register. It might take you a while to scroll through all the options but don’t worry your flower will be there. When you found the flower you want, you click on register and then click on the flower you wish to register, very easy! Another way of registering flowers is to click on the arrow menu at the bottom of your screen, click on the Gallery icon and then simply tap on the flower you wish to register. It’s a lot easier that way I think. Moving on to crossbreeding. Why would you want to crossbreed your flowers? Well, once you crossbreed your flowers you have a chance I’m not just getting a flower, but the slim chance getting a Friendship Flower. And some of those Friendship Flowers can only be obtained from crossbreeding keep in mind that your Friendship Flower has to be fully tended before you can crossbreed. To crossbreed, firstly you click on the Quick Menu the yellow icon at the bottom, click on move and then click and drag your Friendship Flower on to one of your own fully grown flowers, like this. Let’s try again with a different flower just to see what happens. Ah! These two flowers are not the same level, so I can’t crossbreed them. Let’s try a different one. Third time lucky! You click on the heart, click crossbreed now, and you’ve crossbred your flowers! And I got a new flower, isn’t that fantastic? And that’s it for today. I hope you found my video helpful! If you have any questions please leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help! Please like my first video and subscribe to our Family Farm Seaside YouTube Channel That way you won’t miss any new videos! Enjoy farming and I’ll see you next time!