[ Music ] My name is Ken Kubo, and I’m the
professor of biotechnology and biology. We train students for entry level
positions in the biotechnology field, and we provide them both the
knowledge and hands-on skills that they would need to enter this field. It is a specialty field, but currently there are
more jobs than we have students in our program. They can definitely work in labs
where they make and produce medication. They have labs that, trying to find
pesticide-resistant plants for us to eat. So to go into biotechnology,
students need some basic understanding of biology and chemistry. So as part of our program, we have
students take an introductory biology course and an introductory chemistry course. One aspect that is unique to our program
than, let’s say, four-year colleges is that we provide a lot of
attention and care to our students. So I often work with students
one on one in class. And we spend a lot of time doing hands-on
laboratory activities, both in class and outside of our regular class time to help build up
their skills and knowledge for the field. I think attention to detail is important. I mean if you don’t have attention to detail and
you put, you know, a one instead of a point one, if you’re in the pharmaceutical
world, that could kill somebody. The type of students who really succeed
in this field have a curiosity about science. So they like science. They also like more than just
reading a book about science. What they want is to actually do
science, to actually perform science in the laboratory or out in the field. [ Music ]