Biotechnology Laboratory Technician M BLT CC

( ♪♪ ) (Cody – Student:) When I thought about this program here, I realized … it’s not so much the level of your degree, but how you apply your degree. (Mary Ellen – Instructor:) Our program trains students who then go out and work as technicians in companies. As a program, we really look to tailor our course and education to prepare our students to be successful in this area. (Cody:) I like how hands-on it is. You’re … in the lab … way more than you’re in the lecture room. You pretty much … got your coat on, doing work hands-on. (Mary Ellen:) Many instructors are currently employed in the biotechnology industry, as well as being instructors in the program, so they bring that really … real world experience to our students. (Cody:) I know already that I’m going to have a much easier time with the job search because I’ve got hands-on skills and some very practical things most companies are looking for. ( ♪♪ )