Biotech stocks to buy for 2017 // Biotechnology stocks to buy now, list for trading biotechs, ETFs

Biotech stocks to buy for 2017 // Biotechnology stocks to buy now, list for trading biotechs, ETFs, canada, robinhood, investing in biotech stocks, mylan stock, myl stock, gild stock, ibb stock, xbi stock, biib stock, biogen stock, biotech stocks to trade david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell i’m going to make this short and to the point because people have told me that they like the quick videos so I’m going to get right into it i’m going to tell you today my personal favorite biotech or biotechnology stocks these are in no particular order I like all of them but please understand that I don’t want anybody to buy anything just because i like it you have to do your own research you have to make your own decisions of course alright so the ones that I like our via really solid in my opinion solid companies companies that have been around for a while companies that have good leadership they’re not in trouble with the government they’re not being sued by a lot of people there consistently profitable these are things that I look for ok but again you have to do your own research before you even consider buying anything alright so in no particular order my top 10 in the biotech sector are dild myl CLG viib abbv am GN r EG and ju + 0 ki te and Jay azz now it can run up a lot of commission costs if you buy some or all of these stocks individually and so if you if somebody wants to own all of them all at once and and more biotech stocks there are a couple ways to do that you can buy I BB or xbi and those are ETFs or exchange-traded funds and that could save you a lot on commission costs but again I want you to research companies on your own and look at the charts on your own and make your own decisions before you buy or sell anything these are just ones that i like and also i want you to have a trading plan or investing plan everybody should have one so if you have questions or you want to put together a plan for your trading or investing you can email me at any time my email address is David Modell at if you like this video please give it a thumbs up on YouTube leave a comment I like to read your comments and also please subscribe to my youtube channel so you can receive the latest updates on my financial educational videos thank you so much i appreciate it and I’ll talk to you again soon thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time