Bioscience Technician – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

(Jessica:) I’m in the Bioscience
program, going for a lab tech position. Just learning, you know, the newer
instrumentations of lab work, and how to just do simple experiments. (Brenda:) Then you have lecture, and then
you actually work hands-on in the lab. (Jessica:) It’s becoming a
bigger and bigger industry. A lot of the advances, I mean…
stem cell research, finding cures for cancer, finding cures for diseases that we
have out there…Bioscience is going to be the leading research for it. You’ve got to be real strong
willed and strong minded, and make sure that you know this is
what you should and need to be doing. (Brenda:) You’re just always learning
something new, and it’s challenging. (Jessica:) I’m a science/math oriented person. I just love it…playing with this stuff. It’s playing with the micro pipetters and the gas chromatograph;
learning all of that cool stuff.