Biopiracy in Biotechnology – Biotechnology Process and Application – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos Hello students we were studying topic Biopiracy now we have studied about piracy a lot we have heard about piracy you look like piracy CDs by adding DVDs books it market if you don’t really get to see a lot of pirated stuff now piracy in normal terms me popping something or taking something from somebody without their proper permission or authorization without giving them a proper notice for anything without paying them in simple language pirated CD pirated DVD a simple example of piracy in day to day life now piracy happens also in biology or it gets in the filobiotechnology that is called Biopiracy. Biopiracy in normal terms would means using biological resources of a particular nation country or an individual without taking proper permission from that technician person or an individual bio policy has always been seen by the developed countries all the developed countries for example US Canada has been seen doing by piracy of biological entities from the underdeveloped nations like Africa all the developed nations like Africa and rich and natural reserves whereas the developed countries are trying to enforce laws rules and regulations from this slow lead in developing countries and bio pirate them the most classy example of the simplest example of biopiracy in India would be turmeric to name and rice as we all know that turmeric and they both are origin of India you both have grown on India initially before independence photos absorb and Britishers came to India what they did a company called as East India Company yes you heard me right East India Company in the company or the government that lured us what they did they actually painted or bio patented turmeric name and healthy now I am seeing another term by OPEC patenting means giving an authorization or getting it on your own name the bio patented turmeric meet mahadji on their own and Po it belong to India and then the in international market they started selling all this thing under a brand name without taking proper or travel permission from India later on many people came and opposed this they knew that turmeric name as well as rice belong to India for example rice was sold in international market at Stax MIDI so it belongs the basmati rice of India was sold in the international market in the name of tax MIDI it was all a posh word various and Jews government organizations and so forth but still us had a big hole on the US picking or they actually painted it very very strongly this was piracy way back at the time of Independence fund Anna Shiva the lady who was behind it and Joe who is fighting against the US patent laws she filed a case in u.s. against the name turmeric as well as tax motivated she file a case stating that all this name turmeric as well as bass with a tip along the Indian origin and US or the US government did not have any right to bio fate in them she the case went for long number of years and finally the NGO Monica’s India got back it’s better today turmeric name as well as basmati is sold in India also India exports all these three products and all these three products are pea template by Indian government this is how biopiracy works every developing country tries to enforce their loss on underdeveloped countries but that is Africa Canada etc so it has been observed that all the developing countries have been putting up certain laws as well as whu-oh wellness organization and all the National Institutes has strayed down lay down strict laws to avoid biopiracy now let us see the definition of biopiracy the definition of biopiracy is it is using biological resources or other resources of a person state or government without proper authorization from the concerned authorities opposite examples of biopiracy are turmeric name and basmati which was integral part of Indian medicine system but it was patented by US government now with the efforts from Vandana Shiva the leader of neem campaign India be called back this patents and touched the patents were resolved India got back all those paetynn back thank you