Biomedical Sciences Academy

Career and Technical Education Biomedical Sciences Academy The Biomedical Sciences Academy is a four-year course in which we basically jump-start our health science career by getting a lot of hands-on experience. From the Biomedical Sciences Academy you can get into careers such as Pediatrics and Optometry. Anything from Forensic Anthropologist to Biomedical Engineers, Pharmacists, Virologists, Lab Technicians, Doctors, Physicians. A lot of different careers like that. Two of the main certifications that we get in this academy are OSHA, which is Occupational Safety and Health Administration. And that’s a pretty general certification that a lot of us need for all different types of medical professions, but we also get Basic Life Support Certification, which is a higher level of CPR – it’s called BLS. In this academy some of the skills that we gain, we do a lot of collaboration work, as well as self-paced research, and a lot of presenting to an audience. I have gained a competitive advantage from the Biomedical Sciences Academy because it puts me above, because I’m able to experience and actually get hands-on experience from things that you wouldn’t get in a normal science class. You have a leg up from other applicants who maybe have never had the opportunity to internship, and they’ve just had maybe college experience, classroom experience. You’ll have the hands-on sort of knowledge that you get from being in the academy. One thing about this academy that I didn’t really expect going into was how much it was going to improve my study habits. Just the caliber of work that’s expected from our instructors has really just upped the ante for how I perform in my regular classes, and my study habits have just slowly gotten better as we’ve gone through high school. It definitely becomes more of student-led discussion, student-led work and research. And so, it’s something that I didn’t expect but it’s something that I absolutely enjoy about being in the academy: that I’m accountable for a large majority of my learning and research and education in this academy. I’ve been able to do so many things and actually learn things that I can use in college and then hopefully in my career. The Biomedical Sciences Academy consists of the following Project Lead the Way courses: – Principles of Biomedical Science – Human Body Systems – Medical Interventions – Biomedical Innovations I’m glad I’m in the Biomedical Sciences Academy because I’ve been able to obtain some experiences that have allowed me to determine what I want to do, and also have given me the motivation to keep going. Being in this academy has really just exposed me to a lot of different opportunities, and helped me develop an even greater passion for the health science field, and for that reason I’m just really glad I joined the Biomedical Sciences Academy. #IAmNISDCTE