Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – UCSC Majors

research at the macro molecular
molecular and atomic levels is revolutionizing our understanding of the
fundamental processes of life students interested in joining this search are
best prepared by undertaking coursework in biology chemistry physics mathematics
and computer science the undergraduate major in biochemistry and molecular
biology is offered by faculty who are actively engaged in research on
biological systems the biochemistry and molecular biology major which are
jointly sponsored by the departments of chemistry and biochemistry and molecular
cell and developmental biology and constituents have integrated curriculum
of basic instruction in molecular biology chemistry mathematics and
physics followed by the opportunity to pursue Advanced Study in specialized
areas of interest this program features close faculty-student interaction
stimulating learning environments and opportunities for independent research
and study students majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology are
encouraged to become involved in research under the guidance of a faculty
sponsor many students participating in this aspect of the program have made
important contributions to the scientific literature the biochemistry
and molecular biology degree should be the choice if a student is interested in
going to graduate school in molecular biology biochemistry biophysics or a
related field medical school or other health-related fields it is also a good
option for those who plan careers in the biotech industry becoming involved in
research is one of the most important decisions you will make as an
undergraduate student for students interested in pursuing graduate school
undergraduate research is a way of expanding your education outside of the
classroom and better preparing yourself for the rigors of graduate study the
right research experience can greatly enhance your education and further your
preparation for industry business and professional schools
additionally there summer internship opportunities
available for high school students community college students and
undergraduates such as access and Mark study abroad is an integral part of the
UC Santa Cruz education students who wish to engage in this opportunity
should work with their advisor early on to plan expectations and next steps
biochemistry and molecular biology graduates from UC Santa Cruz have gained
admission to many of the best and professional programs in the country and
many have established themselves in successful scientific careers at leading
institutions like Harvard and Stanford for more information about our majors
and courses offered please visit our website at