BIO182 – General Biology II

Hi I’m Marisela. I’m Jacob. And, I’m Frankie. And, we’re going to be talking to you about
the benefit of taking BIO182. This course covers the general study of life,
processes, emphasizing concepts on anatomy and physiology of animal organ systems, natural
selection, evolution of species, diversity of life, organisms in their environment. And, also, ecology and animal behavior. This class is a very fun class, you do a lot
of hands-on activities, such as going on field trips, doing dissections, and just having
special guests come in and talk to us about stuff. This class is beneficial, it’s not something
that you, you know, just mark off for your Associates of Science. But, it is a way to further your career regardless
if it’s a RN program, or biomedical, or pharmacology. So, you should take BIO182. Take BIO182! Take BIO182!