Beyond the Plant Wall Episode 1: Electives

Hello and welcome to Beyond the Plant Wall
Where we get down to the root of the information And we tell you everything you need to know
About the University of Guelph-Humber I am your host Mark Onufer and today we have
The Assistant Program Head of Electives, Matthew LaGrone
How are you doing? I am fine Mark, thanks so much for having
me on your show Of course we’re happy you’re here
So let’s just get into it Tell us a little bit about what you do at
the school I manage the academic and administrative side
of electives All students at Guelph-Humber averaging one
a year Will take an electives course
It gives students the opportunity to meet colleagues in other programs
Cool, in just one sentence, what is electives all about? Electives is about rounding out your university
experience It is about educating the whole person
And nourishing both the mind and the soul Wow that was deeper than I thought
No that’s cool, electives is something I look forward to because
It’s something out of the mainstream right You’re studying that one thing and you kind
of get to Get off the beaten path and try something
new Absolutely, and it’s what makes it a university
experience You’re not just dedicated to your own program
You’re able to branch out and explore some other interests
Very cool, so rattle off a couple electives they have options for
Some of our most popular ones Classical Mythology, Art and Architecture
Judaism, Christianity and Islam Which I happen to teach but it has nothing
to do with me That’s just a class that generates a lot of
interest So we have courses if you’re interested in
History We got a lot of great History courses
If you’re interested in Political Science, Gender Studies, Philosophy
Pretty much everything from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Will have at least one class that students outside of their program
Can follow their passions and interests Cool, do you guys still have Popular Music? Yes, that is still as the title indicates
is a popular course I can speak on that because I did take it
I think it was in third year And yeah it s really cool
You talk about popular music genres Going from the twenties all the way to today
That s a terrific class and you usually can only get into it
Third or fourth year because it fills so quickly So when it comes to new students entering
the University of Guelph-Humber What are some life hacks or pro tips you can
give them? This is it
You ve got one chance left to learn about what you really love
To follow your passions When you leave here you are going to go on
to graduate school Where you will be studying in a very granular
way Some very small subject in great detail
Or you ll role out into the labour force And you ll have family and other responsibilities
You won t have the time To be able to explore your outside interests
and passions So nurture them while you’re here
Choose your courses very carefully And that s really the best way to go forward
in the Electives And for a student too, why should they choose
Guelph-Humber? You re not going to get a better mix of both
the theoretical and the practical In Electives we don t really give the practical
But we do really give the theoretical We help complement and supplement
What your are doing out there on your placements And what your doing in your classes
Having that great balance which is really unique about our university
And it s true you leave with that much more knowledge
You re not just with that university experience You re not just that college
They kind of blend it really well and you get a good balance
And some how we squeeze it into four years Yeah
Yeah So right now Matthew can t hear anything that
s happening He has& oh can you hear me?
I can hear you say, can you hear me? Turn it up louder, so he s going to turn it
up louder So he can t hear me at all
And then I m going to rattle off this wonky sentence
And he s going to have to guess what I m saying Dragons eat dunkaroo s while flying over Lithuania
Dragons can eat roots while flying over Lithuania Wow he s pretty good, you re close
Dragons eat dunkaroo s while flying over Lithuania Dragons&
Eat roots while flying over Lithuania Dunkaroo s
Roofs? Dunkaroo s
Dunkaroo s You know like dunk
They dunk? Dunkaroo s
Dunk roofs? Dunkaroo s!
Dunkaroo s Dunkaroo s?
Dunkaroo s yes, you re good, you got it Dragons eat dunkaroo s while flying over Lithuania
Alright it looks like that is all for today s Beyond the Plant Wall
I am your host Mark Onufer Assistant Program Head of Electives Matthew
LaGrone Thanks so much for coming by
Great thank you Mark