Best French YouTubers 🇫🇷 9 of the most popular French YouTubers

Youtube est un espace formidable
où se rassemble des créateurs unis par la passion Salut à tous,
It’s Marie from Today together, we are going to take a look
at 9 of the most popular French YouTubers To get your ears accustomed to as much French
as possible you need to, well, listen to A LOT of French
And YouTube is amazing for that because it’s filled with French natives
speaking about something very specific, a topic you probably
want to know more about in fact, alongside this video
I recommend you download the MASTERLIST of the French Youtubers 2018
You can download it for free on my blog the link is in the description below the video The first French YouTuber on the list is
Norman, from Norman Fait des Vidéos Norman is one of the most followed French
YouTubers with 10 MILLION subscribers
and it’s for good reasons because his videos are fun, entertaining, and full of French
wit D’un point de vue objectif, la phrase
“Eh, on se fait un barbuc’ ” Franchement, elle met l’ambiance Just pick any of his videos
I’m sure you will have a GREAT time Second YouTubers on the list is
EnjoyPhoenix “Et là du coup, ce que je viens de poster
comme question sur Instagram, c’est “qu’est ce que je bois pour
l’apéro” ” Marie, of her real name. YES, another one. Is the first French beauty YouTuber Nowadays, she’s into vlogging
And you will find on her channel about every other YouTube challenges So you will find a lot of English words in
her titles that you might actually be familiar with because
you are following other English speaking YouTubers She also collaborates with some beauty Youtubers,
so it’s a good gateway to the world of French Beauty on YouTube Next on the list, is Cyprien. “Alors, je suis en bonne santé. Ne vous inquiétez pas. D’ailleurs, je ne plains pas avec mon corps. C’est juste que, le mec qui a imaginé mon
corps, avait perdu les plans”. Cyprien is one of the most active
French Youtuber, and you will find him on a lot of different channels. I think he has at least two. Some of his channels are in collaboration
with other YouTubers. Such as Squeezie, which we’ll see later on
the video. Cyprien is tackling a wide range of subjects. From languages to games, to stories. He’s quite the person to follow if you want
a glimpse into French culture. And the references of young people. Bonus – his videos are subtitled in English
and French. Olivier Roland. “Salut les rebelles intelligents, je vous emmène
toujours en ballade le long du canal” Can’t be just funny videos, can it? We also have some serious YouTubers. Such as Olivier Roland. He’s talking about business, blogging, entreprenariat,.. “Qui, dans les gens que tu connais, et tu
peux demander à tout les gens que tu rencontres, lit des bouquins de business et d’entreprenariat? C’est une toute petite, miniscule, minorité. Peut être 1% de la population fait ça. Surement moins.” In fact, for the little story,
he was a GREAT inspiration for me. Without Olivier Roland, there wouldn’t have
been Just French It. Natoo “Aujourd’hui, je voulais vous raconter la
folle semaine de vacances que j’ai passé
recemment. Elle était tellement top, tellement géniale,
que je vais vous la raconter” Natoo, is also into humour. And her favouroute thing to talk about is
good conduct, society’s rules, and how absurd it can be. FIY, absurdity and the twisting of social
rules is one of the base of French humour. “La contraception bah, c’est très simple. Y suffit d’attendre que la petite cigogne
s’approche doucement de toi, et là…” And as a French learner, it’s a must watch
because she’s using a lot of modern vocabulary and expressions. Tibo InShape “C’est Tibo InShape, c’est un plaisir. Aujourd’hui,
les gens, on teste le karaté. Vous êtes prêt ?” If you’d rather watch something
physical I’d prescribe Tibo InShape. He’s the number 1 French fitness channel on
YouTube. And well, you know,
it has everything muscles, exercices, physical challenges,.. Another funny guy is Squeezie “Eh bien bonjour les amis, comment allez-vous
?” No, it’s not about fitness or anything
Originally Squeezie is a gamer but nowadays, he’s more into silly humourous
videos. Challenges, collaborations with other YouTubers,.. “Bonjour, je suis aujourd’hui avec Maxens,
Carlito and McFly” He’s quite a funny little thing actually… And he’s a great friend of Cyprien, which
whom he actually has a channel called
Bigorneaux et Coquillages. “Nous vous présentons la première émission
de inspecteur copie et plagiat.” Now, you’ll often see plenty of other Youtubers
with him so it’s a great gateaway as well. Littlegypsy “Et si tu réunis tout, la Somme,
c’est aussi ça…” Do you fancy a bit of travel? Little Gypsy is for you. She’s witty, she’s funny, and she travels
around A LOT. If you want to travel in style, try it. Really, I’m sure you’ll looooove it. I was actually surprised by the number of
French travel channels on YouTube and the quality of the vlogging of a lot of
them So I’ve included them in the YouTube Masterlist
which you can download for free under this video. And, finally,
we are ending this list of the most popular French Youtubers
with Et Tout le Monde s’en Fout “Je t’explique… Depuis combien de temps ça existe, l’histoire
de la civilisation? 5500 ans, donc..” It’s my personal favourite, but.. It might be better for more advanced learners
though. Because we’re talking philosophy, psychology,
and other really nice complex topics “Et tout le monde s’en fout…” It’s a good channel to hear some
alternative insultsand French sarcasm WELL, that’s it
I hope you enjoyed this list. Those are the most popular YouTuber channels
in different topics, because I didn’t want to just include humour
or just travel, or just… I hope you find your pick If you didn’t, download the Masterlist. There is more than 100 channels in different
topics, including beauty, travel, lifestyle, gaming, culture,
French Canadian, There’s a lot.. So you’ll definitly find something you actually
want to watch. Share you favourite French Youtube channel
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