Ben, Matt, and Natalie from New York

Interviewer: So tell me where you guys are from. Middle student: New York.
Left student: New York. Altogether: Long Island, New York. Interviewer: All three of you? Altogether: Yes. Interviewer: Okay, so tell me your names and how old are you guys are? Left student: I’m Ben and I’m 18 Middle student: Matt. I’m 17 Right student: I’m Natalie and I’m 19 Interviewer: So, uh, you’ve been here
been here at tech quest for a little bit. So what do you think of the WVU tent compared to some of the other ones? Ben: Um, it’s very creative and I like what you did like I’ve never seen something like this before I mean, it doesn’t necessarily hit my
interest because I’m more of a engineering person, but it’s definitely
very good. Matt: Definitely the hands-on activity that caught my interest because like the other tents just has these displays like what
this can do, what that can do but here you actually see, “Okay here’s something.
Go do it.” You have fun. That’s basically what it was. Natalie: Uh, I like the awesome displays but also the mysteries of going into the
tent. That you have to try and find the murderer. So then, I was pretty interested and it was fun to do. Interviewer: So tell me how did you guys found the person who did it? Natalie: We focused a lot on the footprint that was found on the crime scene. Matt: At the crime scene yeah
Ben: Yeah. Interviewer: Tell us more about how you came up with the conclusion. Matt: Well, when we were at the crime scene, we obviously took note of the footprints and the
fingerprints on the table as well, but we mainly focus on the foot of the footprint
because it had a good grip on it so it obviously had to be a hiking boot of
some sort, and there’s a large print, so that had to be belonged to a man, so and
we asked around for the counts, for the people that actually worked at the staff –
not the people that worked at the displays because they are wearing boots and then
we finally found out who it was. We found the murderer. Interviewer: So how did you feel when you found out? Altogether: Very exciting.
Interviewer: Good, so tell me have you guys ever been to West Virginia before? Ben: Nope.
Matt: No.
Natalie: No. Ben: I might have been through it but never stayed here. Interviewer: What do you guys think of the Summit back at the reserve? Ben: It’s hot.
Natalie: Too hot. Interviewer: Very hot.
Matt: Yeah. Interviewer: But it’s hot everywhere right now – it’s July. Natalie: It needs cold water. Interviewer: Yeah, so what do you think of all the activities that are here? Ben: Um, they look like they are good, but the wait time makes it really discouraging Matt: Yeah, some of them look like they’re worth the wait. Like I
did the big zipline and I was like half hour wait but it was definitely worth it. Natalie: It’s been pretty fun. Just the walking’s kind of annoying, because I can’t be far away from everything, so we have to walk for about an hour to get to each thing. Interviewer: Out of all the activities, which one would excite you guys the most – out of all the different stuff? Ben: Um, Ben: Probably going into the water, just to cool off. Matt,: Uh, mine would be the BMX because I went to the summit, the
shakedown last year at the summit, and it was much smaller back then, but at the
time they said it would be much larger and I wanted to go check it out so. Natalie: Uh, the high
ropes course because I love climbing Interviewer: Thank you.