BACON Tutorials (Biology And Chemistry Online Notes)

Organic Chemistry is considered one of the
most frightening classes for students. But have you ever stopped to think why that is? It’s due to misconceptions of it being a
weed out class, lots of memorization, and having no relevance And it has been taught the same way for decades…
using lectures, chalkboards, textbooks, and really, really tough exams. Our vision is to ensure that students appreciate
organic chemistry and its impact on everyday life So why isn’t there much more love for organic
chemistry out there? Well, we believe it’s because most students learn about things like
this And there is little to no connection to things
such as biomolecules, organic farming, and life changing medicines. So, we created fun and engaging tutorials
to help enliven organic chemistry. The project is called BACON. BACON stands for Biology and Chemistry Online
Notes. BACON does not replace lecture or traditional
textbooks; rather it is an online supplement to typical organic chemistry course materials. For example, if a student is learning about
the Diels-Alder reaction, BACON makes connections to medicines and sports. Or, if a student is studying enols and tautomers,
BACON connects the chemistry to things like genetics, forensics, and even hit TV shows. Other tutorials will cover things like artificial
sweeteners, medicines and many other important applications in everyday life and their connection
to typical organic chemistry topics. Through these tutorials, organic chemistry
has already come to life for thousands of students at many schools in the US. The tutorials
are even being used elsewhere around the world, like in Italy and Japan. And, the best part is that students are learning
and loving organic chemistry, as we have seen from quiz scores and satisfaction based surveys. With the help of BACON, organic chemistry
has even been making headlines in the news. Now, the classes are still just as hard, and
yet students walk away with a better appreciation of organic chemistry. Here’s what students
are saying And now here is what some professors had to
say… So let me ask you this, would you like to
see more love for organic chemistry? Would you like to have BACON access at your
school? Then why don’t you brighten your day with
BACON? Visit to learn more and, instructors;
be sure to request your free demo account.