BA Sociology

As sociologists at Birmingham we’re
really interested in asking some of the big questions of our day. Thinking about
the world around us and what our role as individuals is within it. So thinking
specifically about power and how power operates, what the role of race, class,
gender and other forms of social inequality are and thinking about things
like structure and agency so individual behaviour is that down to our individual
choices or is that actually shaped and influenced by a wider social forces. Birmingham is a great place to study sociology because we’re passionate about
the big ideas that help us make sense of a dynamic and increasingly complex world
because on the curriculum we give you a balanced and comprehensive approach to
help make sense of that world in terms of theories, concepts, methods and ways of
thinking critically and most importantly because our students are lively and
engaged and partners with us on that on that journey. The course at Birmingham is
quite varied, we have a number of different disciplines within our
department so students can draw on modules from sociology but also
criminology and social policy as well depending on their interests. The content
and knowledge of a particular subject area is really only one part of the degree
the other areas of the degree are really thinking about developing transferable
skills that can be taken into the job market after you finish at university. So
this is really thinking about how you develop an argument, how to think
critically, how to analyse sources and evaluate evidence, what makes a source
reliable and what makes a source unreliable and these are really
important questions in our current moment. Birmingham is part of the elite
Russell group of universities in the UK which means it’s committed to the very
high standards of research and teaching. It also means that it’s nationally and
internationally recognised not just within academia but also crucially by
the media, by policymakers and by employers. Birmingham is a favorite
destination of graduate recruiters and our students go on to incredible and
exciting careers both in Britain and globally. Sociology at Birmingham has a
really long and rich history but at the same time we’re still
a relatively small department and only take about 50 students on our single honours programme
each year and that means that staff and students get to know each other really
well and it helps them especially when they come to do their dissertations in the
final year they’ve built up really good and strong relationships with the staff
who teach them. Birmingham is a city that’s really dynamic and energetic there’s a
lot going on. There’s a great nightlife, particularly for students but also a
great independent scene as well with a lot of independent bars, cafes and restaurants. It’s a multicultural and young dynamic city, it’s become a hub for sports,
cricket, football, athletics and for arts and entertainment and nightlife and
shopping but most importantly of all the diversity and the dynamism of Birmingham
makes it a really fantastic place to do sociology and to be a sociologist.