BA (Mathematics and Education)

I’ve really really enjoyed this year so far So, I think the best part of it is the close Relationship you build with your lecturers because there’s not a lot of courses that you can get on a first-name basis. The course is really good because you get a solid base in learning maths but you also get the practical side to teaching as well You know, you get to go out on placement you get to see what it’s like to be a teacher, you know. But you also do get the back of the pickup being a mathematician as well. I Love the course because it’s diverse like it gives us the opportunity to be in schools Like in the first year when primary schools and this year were in secondary schools So I like the fact that we do the theory but we’re doing practice as well. And then you have my course it’s like Philosophy and psychology, which you wouldn’t really put with maths and we did history. So it’s like a whole lot of subjects mix together So I love that about of course So I really enjoy like learning how the students learn and why they learn and different ways of learning maths. I also enjoyed how our class is really small and there’s only 12 in my year But at first I thought that was a bad thing but it’s really good because we all help each other We all learn like each other’s tricks and stuff when it comes to like tests we’re always working together and we always we all know our lecturers really well because Every knows the math and Ed people because we all sit together like a big group Being on placement as well, and in first year you’ve got stuck in straight away from the beginning, you know, there’s not a lot of courses like it around So it’s really beneficial. Yeah. I’ve really enjoyed the year I’m Orla and I’m a graduate at the BA in maths and education in NUI Galway. I would feel that the opportunity that the course Afforded to me and my classmates was that we were on placement every year which was great because it meant the stuff that we were learning in our Education modules and the math that we were learning in our mathematics modules We got to apply that straightaway while we were on our placement in first year the whole way up until final year and fourth year and Another thing that I really enjoyed over the course of my four years was the opportunities we got for outreach in the community Basically, I’m teaching full time at the moment and I love my job. It’s a dream and I’m glad to believe in it