BA (Hons) Sociology at the University of West London

Once you start studying and understanding
Sociology you’re never going to look at the world in the same way again. Coming here and doing sociology has really
opened my way of thinking, how different people are, how different cultures are and how to
interact with different people from different societies. To challenge everything that you
hear and see instead of just taking everything as face value. All of the students undertake work based learning
and what work based learning actually does is it gives those students an opportunity
to go into a real working environment, they start to gear their studies towards that,
so it underpins all of their learning. One of the things that will always encourage
in the sessions is to make them quite interactive and also giving them the chance to practice
a particular skills. It’s a brilliant course to go on, people
are very, very easy to interact with and talk to and the lecturers are amazing. People make things a little more complicated
than they have to be and I think one of the good things about the way we intend to teach
Sociology is that we wanna make it accessible so the students can really understand, it’s
a system of ideas. You’ll learn so much, things that you never
thought was even possible, West London was the ideal place for me to be, because I am
not just studying it. I’m actually living it.