B.S. in Business Administration | University of Baltimore

My favorite space here is the Business
Center because I walk in, it doesn’t matter if I’m walking in at 9 a.m. or 6 p.m.,
I’m seeing someone I know and I’m seeing a smile on someone’s face. Hi, my name is Alex Teitelman and I am an undergrad at the University of Baltimore
studying in their Business Administration program, focusing in marketing. One thing that’s really unique is you can walk in any teacher’s office,
even the dean’s office, and have a conversation with them and not schedule
an appointment ahead of time like other schools. Most of the time you come in you say,
‘Hey, how are you?’ and if they’re busy, they’re busy, but most time you have a
chance to get a quick question in and have a quick conversation. A lot of them
have real-life experience whether that’s an accounting major, marketing major or
finance, they all work or have worked in the field before. I chose marketing
because I was touched by the way it affects the consumers. In our class,
we’re working local company and we’re trying to figure out how they can retain
customers, so our game plan and our marketing strategy is how can we stay
within the budget, how can we retain these customers and what value can we
give those customers to make them stay for even longer. So these experiences
that I’m learning in the class will help me be ahead of my peers because we’re
learning different techniques that we would not know unless we had this chance
to meet someone who’s a director or a manager at a company outside of the
University of Baltimore.