Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf Talks Close Encounters With Meteors

leaves his amnesia rights are hitting
the earth everyday for every day something door without four meters across picks
the planet earth we just don’t usually makes it because they blew it up high up in the atmosphere in fact of the
course of the whole year something like forty thousand tons of
material ratings down on the earth every year we distinguish between astros me
frightens me to write what we call something that fits the
earth’s atmosphere strictly speaking it’s a meat right when
it hits the ground it’s a meteor in the air before that it’s anything you want to court asteroid or just a chunk of material
interplanetary space we think that what we’re seeing now in
astro interviews rights striking the earth certainly the tail end of a very
very long process began for a half billion years ago really as soon as the
earth coalesced into it eggplant remax it’s been hit by stuff and that material raining down on the earth brings in a huge amount of the chemistry
and the role elements that go into forming counterparts of our planet as far as we know there is absolutely no
relationship trans-siberian events and past roy twenty twelve ta forty it it seems like an incredible kare
incidents uh… burton they were coming from very
different trajectories very different all boats that seems to be known
physical relationship between these two things will issue here is that lots these things about that but the small they are the harder they
ought to spot and so we’ve done very well acts of
rainfall so-called mutants all tricks asteroids therein orbits around the sun
that occasionally might intersect with office and we think we know of about ten
thousand such objects those range from the size of a but if
you tens of meat is up to perhaps oklahoma two oh two but the truth it is that’s just the tip of the iceberg we just can’t see all of these things
are small they thought that difficult to spot so in fact the great majority of objects
and thus more than about a hundred meters and each of those could be quite devastating if they picked the
city for example uh… we just don’t know where they are so we don’t know exactly when the next
one is connected to it if we intensified object maybe a clone of the size extra which is
essentially civilization kill it uh… if we identify something like that
ahead of time there are actually a number of options available to its in terms of deflecting all destroying we might be able to uh… literally blow them up that’s always an option witty clever things that we can do it we
can actually get a slim and weakened slightly also that all that by the body attaching thrusters to them or even things as
simple as panting them white people discussed how if you change the
reflectivity restaurants the songs from radiation well actually blow against
them differently and conceivably over many many years temples for the old all that’s in such a
way that they will no longer pickups as a astronomer master biologist one thing’s
excites me the most about this event is not the destruction the human hardship but the fact that
this is part of a natural phenomena that has
been going on forever displayed a for a full role in assembling of
planning into what it is and of course now we’re beginning to find planets
around other stars where situation is going to be some variation of what we expect so we’d like to look for example if we
find other type planets are believed to be picked by it meteors asteroids and comments and so on
and what’s not doing to the environment on this planet so it’s a very interesting jigsaw puzzle
so anytime something like this happens i think it really brings to people’s attention that we live in
the dynamic universe stuff happens all the time it just
doesn’t always happen on human timescales and it’s very important to be reminded
of that